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Wu Zhang went down to the living room to wait for Song Jia. He sat on the couch with his legs crossed and his body leaned forward as he worked on the laptop that was placed on the coffee table in front of him. He was scrolling through the emails related to work when he received an email from Li Jing. He clicked it open and saw that the subject of the mail was about a theft that has taken place in 'Sparkle & Shine'. He clicked to open the email and read the entire message. It was a brief description of how the company was caught in a scam of delivering duplicate jewelry and the President of the company, Song Jia has terminated Yue Tianxiao's appointment today. Since the Presidents of both the companies have been on good term, the matter was handled privately. Wu Zhang smiled after he read it and then moved to read other emails. After sometime Song Jia came downstairs and tapped him on his shoulder to go and eat together with her. Mei Mei, Lin Fang, and Wu Zihao were seated already and were waiting for Song Jia and Wu Zhang to come. As soon as they entered, Mei Mei's eyes sparkled and she patted the chair next to her. "Big sister, come sit. I have kept the place for you." On the big dining table, Mei Mei was sitting on the second seat of her side. Wu Zihao and Lin Fang were sitting opposite Mei Mei, leaving the head seat and the first seat on Mei Mei's side empty. Song Jia gave a bright smile as she stepped forward to sit with Mei Mei, but stopped when she felt an iceberg forming next to her. She looked at Wu Zhang and gave an awkward smile before pulling him with her. "Honey, I am very hungry." The iceberg melted immediately hearing the word. However, being the sly person she was, Song Jia spoke 'honey' just loud enough for Wu Zhang to hear while the rest was spoken in her usual pitch. But Wu Zhang was just too happy to hear being called honey from her deliberately, so he ignored this little trick of her. Song Jia sat on the chair beside Mei Mei, but to pacify the iceberg man, she drifted her chair slightly towards Wu Zhang to sit, which made him smile a little more. Even though Wu Zihao knew how much his brother was in love with Song Jia, seeing him smile so lovingly at her was something he was not expecting to see at all. It felt like dreams. His big brother was smiling? HIS BIG BROTHER WAS SMILING!!... SO LOVINGLY.. !! he felt like his eyes would pop out, but he still didn't speak anything afraid he might be shooed away from the table and not given anything to eat. Food was more important than his brother's smile. Wu Zhang who seemed quite satisfied with the act gave another small smile before everyone started eating. Song Jia observed that Wu Zihao was exceptionally quiet today, unlike every time when he would just not stop talking. Well, she knew the reason quite well, no one likes to eat burnt food after all. After dinner Song Jia and Wu Zhang went for a stroll in the garden. Song Jia felt a little cold and was constantly rubbing her palms against each other to heat them. Wu Zhang noticed her action and immediately made her wear his leather jacket. She felt warm after wearing it. The jacket had a faint masculine smell of Wu Zhang which made her feel a little extra warm. "So, you threw Yue Tianxiao out of the company?" He asked plucking a leaf from a rose bush nearby. "How do you know?" She was a little surprised. It has just happened today so how did he know so fast. She didn't even let the matter slip out to the media. Wu Zhang chuckled, "I have my ways to find out everything. I don't like interfering in your personal space but I am always concerned about your safety so I keep an eye on people around you." What he spoke was the truth. He knew she had a lot of enemies around her so he started keeping an eye on the activities in her company and especially the Yue family. "Yes, I did. I had no plans of letting him stay anyway, but he dug his own grave by stealing. Making my work easy." She smiled. She had overestimated him and had already made arrangements to throw him out even if he managed to meet her conditions but that never happened. She didn't have to do anything except keeping an eye on him. "What about his father?" Wu Zhang held her small hand with his big one, rubbing his thumb on the back of her soft palm. "What about him?" Song Jia didn't quite get the meaning behind his words. "When do you plan to show him out?" He asked more clearly this time to let her understand. "He has not done anything. Why should I suspend him?" Wu Zhang stopped walking and made her face him by turning her around. Even though she was intelligent, she was still soft-hearted at things like these. "He is Yue Tianxiao's father, he will surely do something now. And even if he doesn't his sly sister will surely use him to do something. It's better to pull off the weed before it grows big and strong and tangles you in its clutches."
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