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Song Jia racked her brain hard to think of a way to pacify this vinegar drinking boyfriend of hers. It seemed too much trouble to handle this possessive species of the boyfriend, that could drink vinegar on every little thing. "Ahem.." She cleared her throat before pulling out the famous weapon used by all the girlfriends and wives across the world from her sleeve. The ever-so-effective Sweet Talk Trap. "Darling..." She called out his name coyly, almost melting the big jealous iceberg standing in front of her. "Is there a need for us to do these formalities? We are lovers after all. Ain't we?" Her arms were stretched and locked around his neck, caressing his nape with her slender fingers. Her doe-like eyes looked lovingly at him as she was the most innocent girl alive on the planet. "This is not a formality, I want to be treated specially by you. We are lovers, after all, ain't we?" Wu Zhang used the same words she has used on him to counterattack her. And here I thought this vinegar drinking human was melting. Sigh! "Answer me, baby." He pulled her closer by her waist and switched to his spoilt wife mode, giving Song Jia a headache. She wasn't very good at expressing herself in such matters and honestly sucked at wooing him. Whatever little ideas that have come in her mind, all just disappeared now as soon as he pulled her closer. Seeing no choice, she stood on her tiptoes and kissed him on his cheeks. "You are special to me, do we need words to show that?" "Of course, If you call Mei Mei 'sweetheart', then call me too. No wait, call me with a name even better than sweetheart. Not Wu Zhang. It sounds distant." He smiled brightly with that thought. Song Jia's lips pressed in a thin line. Are you for real? Don't you feel ashamed, competing with a three-year-old girl? Girl!! She is a girl damn it!! She felt like banging her head on a wall. This guy could be really illogical sometimes. "Alright.." She took a deep breath and after giving some thought as to what would be the perfect word, she blurted out "honey." Wu Zhang's eyes lit slightly, but he controlled his expression. It was not affectionate enough yet and he won't budge until he gets his desired name. He didn't mind whatever she called him but it must be better and of course sweeter than that of Lin Mei. "I like that word, but call it more lovingly okay?" He tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear before playing with the end of another strand. "Honeeeiiee" Song Jia purposefully stretched the word a little more and spoke as coy as she could with a sweet smile lingering on her lips. And to no surprise, the jealous iceberg melted and flowers blossomed like fresh spring around him, taking away the cold aura. His stone face which looked like the bottom of a burnt pan a few minutes ago was now showing colour as a smile cracked through his cold lips. Success!! Song Jia knew he was not angry anymore, so she quickly pecked his lips and turned around to go. "Where are you going?" Wu Zhang asked a little confused. "I am going to my room, to wash up. Why?" "This is your room." Wu Zhang spoke with a smile. "Mine?" Song Jia asked even more confused now. "Did you shift it?" Wu Zhang chuckled seeing her so confused. "No, I got it renovated." Only now when Wu Zhang revealed it, she recalled that Wu Zhang has mentioned getting it renovated and he even got it done so quickly. She was not expecting him to take it so seriously. She looked around to see the room painted in the shade of white while the accessories in the room were all changed to warm shades of brown. Wu Zhang pushed a switch and a cluster of small LED's at the wall behind her bed oozed a soothing yellowish golden light. In between the lights, the wall which she noticed only now made her gasp. Her eyes shone brightly as she saw it covered with a wallpaper which had her pictures painted on it. The room was decorated thoughtfully with all her needs in mind. She didn't like working in the study room for too long so he had placed a table with a comfortable chair in her room itself. The files on which were now on the floor due to their little make-out session. A comfortable leather couch was placed at one wall, beside which was a small corner table with a picture of Song Jia with Nanny Lin and her grandchildren, Mei Mei and Lin Feng and a small center table in its front which just had a small vase placed on it. The floor to ceiling window and the balcony attached to the room was decorated with various potted plants including jasmine, chrysanthemum, and money plant. "It's beautiful." Song Jia turned to Wu Zhang and smiled. "Glad that you liked it." Wu Zhang smiled and left her to wash up. "Come down fast. Everyone is waiting for you at the table."
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