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After Song Jia was done with her long day, she drove back home. When she reached, it was already past 7 pm. She didn't see anyone when she entered. Probably everyone was busy. She started walking to her room but halted in her way when she realized something soft and furry wrapped around one of her calves. Her breath got stuck in her throat as she recalled the last incident with the little pup in the Mansion. She didn't want to embarrass herself like the last time again. After gathering some courage, she dipped down her head to look at what was holding her. And she was surprised when a pair of big black eyes met her hazel ones. She released her breath which she didn't realize she was holding and then squatted down to pick up the little munchkin in her arms. "Mei Mei, my sweetheart, how are you?" She pinched her nose adoringly before Mei Mei hugged her neck tightly. "Big sister Jia, I missed you a lot." Mei Mei spoke honestly in her childlike voice. In the mickey mouse jumpsuit that she wore, she looked extra adorable to Song Jia. "Your big sister missed you too sweety. Where is your brother?" She turned around to look for Lin Feng who was nowhere to be seen. "He is playing with uncle Zihao." "So we have three children at home." Song Jia murmured and then laughed a little helplessly. "Bring your brother and go wash your hands, I will join you for dinner after I wash up." Song Jia placed a kiss on her forehead and then let her go. She was about to reach for her room's door when her phone rang in her handbag. She continued walking as she dug in her bag to bring out her cell phone. Just as she took a turn in the corridor, she collided with Wu Zhang who was coming from the opposite direction. "Oww," She rubbed her forehead while her mouth twitched in pain. "Are you alright?" Wu Zhang asked looking at her carefully. "I am sorry I didn't notice you coming." Even though it was Song Jia's fault, he was the one apologizing. Song Jia smiled sheepishly when she heard him apologize."Yes, I am fine." She answered rubbing her forehead. Obviously, her smile didn't go unnoticed from Wu Zhang but he chose not to expose her. He knew why she was smiling. "Have you eaten yet?" He asked caressing her hair. "No, Have you?" She had been busy all day with the meeting in her company, destroying her cousin and her face looked quite tired now. "No, and I am really hungry." Before Song Jia could decipher the meaning of his words, he grabbed her wrist and opened the door to her room which he was standing just next to. The next moment, she was lifted in the air by a pair of toned and strong arms and her legs got wrapped around Wu Zhangs, while her lips were captured between his hungry ones. He was not at all gentle as he hungrily bit her lips in between sucking them. He slowly walked with her in his arms inside the room and placed her on the study table at a corner. She felt lazy sitting in a study to work so he had gotten a table for her in the room. Song Jia tried matching his pace but he was too fast and kissed her everywhere he could. Her lips, her chin, her jawline her collarbone and all Song Jia could do was moan as she helplessly clutched his shirt with one hand while the other roamed on his back. He moved back to her mouth and sucked her tongue before his tongue danced with hers. He explored every corner of her mouth like a curious explorer, not leaving any corner untouched. She leaned backward while he leaned on her, letting a few files from the table fall on the floor, not giving them another glance. He was too busy to worship his woman. When he felt her getting restless due to lack of oxygen, he moved to her neck again, which was now already covered with hickeys given by him. He bit her near her nape, leaving another hickey and then sucked on the area he has bitten on. Song Jia moaned loudly and clutched him hard. His passion for her has ignited the fire inside her as well, making her want him just the way he wanted her. She pulled him closer hastily and wrapped her arms around his neck before biting his lower lip gently. Her tongue roamed in his mouth meeting his tongue and teasing it. Wu Zhang was quite surprised to see this lustful side of her. Not that he didn't like this wild side of his darling, it was just rare. [A/N: Only For him!!] He would never be content from being wanted by her. He didn't mind being ravished by her all day and night. Song Jia tilted his head slightly as she moved to the back of his ear and licked it with her soft tongue. Her fingers were entangled in his and he was caressing them softly with his thumb, arousing her more. She bit his earlobe and sucked it. Both of them desired each other, but the only difference between the two was that Song Jia was quite gentle on him even when she bit him, but Wu Zhang was not. He was not able to get enough of her and bis want for her made him wilder, the proof of which was the hickeys on her neck. Before they could move further, Song Jia's phone rang from her bag which was dropped near the doorstep. She pulled herself back and slipped down the table. Wu Zhang was reluctant to let her go but he didn't want to lose control either, so he stepped back unwillingly. The call was from the landline of the mansion. Song Jia answered the call and it was Mei Mei, waiting for her. "Sweetheart I will be there in just a few minutes." Song Jia hung up and turned around to see a dark, like the bottom of a pan expression on Wu Zhang's face. "What happened?" She was not sure as to why he looked so displeased. Is he angry because she took the call, ignoring him? But he didn't seem like the jealous kind of a boyfriend. She debated inside her mind not being able to find a satisfactory answer. "You never call me so lovingly, then why her?" *Crash* Song Jia could hear the sound of her notion breaking. Ahem... Turned out that she was wrong. Well, he IS ALSO the jealous kind. Just that she realized it late. He also belonged to the same species of what they call the "ever-so-envious" group of boyfriends.
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