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"You b*tch I hate you. You are doing this because you have this company in your hands. I f*cking hate you to the end of the world." Yue Tianxiao had finally lost his cool as he shouted, pointing his finger towards Song Jia. His entire body was trembling with fury and the look of despite everyone saw him with right now, added fuel to the fire inside him. "Point 1. It is not my fault if my father turned out to be a rich man with such a big company. 2. You can hate me for all that I care, I don't give a damn because I hate you too. 3. Wei Xin, add another half million in his compensation amount for slandering me like this and if he rejects any of my condition, do not forget to call the cops. And at last, 4. Make sure to read the entire document before cursing me, cousin, in your mind of course." Song Jia smiled, stood up and then left the conference room before anyone could speak or react to whatever she has said. Yue Tianxiao stood dumbstruck in his place, like the fool he was. He was forced to pay another half million because... because he called her a b*tch? He felt so frustrated that he wanted to pull off all the hair on his head. Seeing his son looking like a fool, Yue Min pulled out the paper from beneath Yue Tianxiao's palm, that he was subconsciously crushing from anger, to read. He sighed as he read the terms. After all that has happened in the conference room just now, this was not at all unexpected. Seeing their torn look, Wei Xin reminded, "Since it is being settled in private, you will have to endure it all." She then shrugged her shoulders before leaving the room as well. However no one else budged from their place, they were all very curious to know the conditions put forward by Song Jia. And judging from the expression on Yes' face, they knew it was absolutely harsh. "What are the conditions, Mr. Yue?" A curious director asked Yue Min. "See it for yourself." Yue Min slapped the paper on the conference table and left the room to talk this out with Song Jia and his son ran after him to catch up with his father. After they left, the rest of the people present took a look at the agreement paper. It read as follows: "Mr. Yue Tianxiao shall pay one hundred and fifty million yuan as a sum of the theft of ninety million yuan committed by him and the remaining amount in the form of compensation for damage caused due to loss of goodwill and reputation of the company." "Apart from the compensation to be paid, he shall also apologize to both the parties that have suffered in person and take full responsibility of the fraud." "In order to prevent the company from suffering any similar damage in the future, the guilty Mr. Yue Tiaxiao shall resign from the company and shall agree to be forbidden from taking any form of employment under the Song International Corporations or any other of its other associate or subsidiary companies whatsoever." The last condition was what blew Yue Min's mind. After all his effort that he has put in getting his son in the company, he didn't want him to go. The feeling was very same as losing entire life's worth fortune because of one bad investment He reached Song Jia's office when he noticed his son coming after him. "Are you not satisfied with how much out of proportion you have blown up the situation already?" "Dad I-" He felt really embarrassed. "What exactly did you need so much money for that you even resorted to stealing?" Yue Min whisper-yelled as he didn't want to let others overhear them. "I lost the money in a casino." Yue Tianxiao finally admitted everything because now his father was the only person who could rescue him. "I was being threatened by those people." "You sure are something. Now take your ass out of here and let me see if I can convince her." Yue Min shooed his son away before knocking on Song Jia's office door. Song Jia smiled seeing Yue Min come inside. She was obviously expecting his arrival. After signaling him to take a seat and she continued talking to the person on the other end. "Yes Mr. Mo, we have taken care of the incident, please don't worry." After waiting for the person to finish talking, she said a 'thank you' and hung up. "Yes Director Yue, what is the matter?" She pretended to ask though she knew quite well what the matter was. "Xiao Jia was it necessary to terminate his appointment? He fulfilled the condition you set for him, then why?" She smiled, "Do you really think he met the conditions?" "What do you mean?" "He could not achieve the requirements set therefore he bribed the people in the accounts department to tamper the statements. I didn't expect him to be this foolish." She chuckled in mockery because she overestimated him. He was so foolish that he did not even think that everything he has done was so easily traceable. "How do you know all this?" Yue Min's face darkened seeing hearing his son being called a fool. "Really? Are you kidding me, Director Yue? This is my company, the people working here are my people. You didn't think I would let him remain unobserved, did you?" "Can't you go easy on him, considering the fact that we are a family?" "Then please tell me which person steals from their own family?" Her question left Yue Min tongue-tied. "And please don't ever try to play this family card on me again, alright? I already gave him enough leeway because of the chairman, but I can't do anything else. If he agrees to sign the agreement and pay the compensation, we will let the matter go, but if he doesn't then cops will take care of it." Song Jia stated him the options very clearly, leaving the choice to him. "And let me tell you, Director Yue, once the matter will be handed to the cops, Yue Tianxiao is going to spend his youth behind bars for sure which will automatically force him to leave the company. We don't hire people with criminal records, you see. But the thing to focus here is, even you won't end up unscathed. Therefore I suggest you, make your decision wisely." Yue Min sat daze for sometimes and then left after nodding his head. His choice was quite clear.
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