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When love beckons twice 15 Vishakha's thoughts

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Hello dear readers. As you all know my nams is Vishakha and this is my first novel i have tried writing. I would like to tell something more about myself. I am from India, and since i was a child I have always been very fond of reading novels and stories. And it was never just reading, if I would like a particular character or story I would keep thinking about it all day and imagine, how could a person create such an amazing story.That thought led me to think of possible and inpossible situations and due to which, I slowly developed my interest in writing and I started with writing poems. I have never been a very expressive person vocally, but when it came to writing I could fill pages. Everytime i would sit idle, i would imagine different situations randomly and then i would think how will it proceed if a particular thing happened and hence i deveoped an interest for story telling. Although i never tried writing them, but a lot would come and go in my mind.

When i came to know about romanticlovebooks, the thing that fascinated me the most was that it gave it's authors the freedom to proceed free lance writing. And after seeing how exceptionally well some authors have been doing here, i decided to give my imagination words. Although I was not expecting a very huge response for my story, as I started it as a hobby, but after finding out that their are people, who look forward to reading my novel gives me immense pleasure, even though it is still a small number, it still makes me happy. But all i feel is missing right now is the viewpoint of my readers. I really want to request all of you to please keep sharing your views regarding the novel and I will try my best to stand up to your expectations. One more thing that I would like to ask from you is to vote the story with your power stones if you like it. It would help the story to get higher rankings and I might be able to take it under top 5. All i want to say is when a viewer shares their reviews it really lifts up my spirit and encourages me to write more and better. Since this is my first story and I am not a professional writer I am bound to make mistakes and my readers have all the right to criticise me. I am willing to take in all sort of feedbacks to improve my work. And now I will end it here. Hope you have a good time being a part of my imagination. Thank You.. :)
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