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Song Jia's lips were quirked in a small smile as she saw Yue Tianxiao falling straight in her trap. She knew he was a fool, to begin with, and it was just a child's play to trick him. Just when Yue Tianxiao opened his mouth to admit everything, Yue Min grasped his wrist from under the table to prevent him from talking. He didn't want the beans to be spilled like this even if his own son was at fault. It would make him look small in front of others for his own son's fault after all in the end. All he thought right now was, that if the situation can be prevented from getting worse he would give his all to prevent it. Yue Tianxiao understood his father's signal and tried his luck once more. "I- I didn't steal anything, what is there to confess?" "Wei Xin, call the cops. Theft of five hundred million yuan is not a trivial matter and it can't be overlooked. Let the cops come and I will make sure this man here" pointing at Yue Tianxiao "ends up behind bars." Song Jia spoke and then got up from her chair to leave, but before she could walk away, Yue Tianxiao stopped her, jumping up from his chair. "Wait, wait please." "I am listening no more cousin. Because we are a family I gave you an opportunity to confess but you don't want it. Now please don't waste any more of time." Song Jia walked to the door, leaving her cousin sweating behind. "Fine, I stole two sets. Are you happy now? I stole two, but don't blame me for the entire five hundred million yuan!!" Song Jia's retreating figure halted near the door of the conference room and a smile was visible on her stern face when she turned around to walk back in. She turned around to see Yue Tianxiao standing with his shoulders slouched and fists tightly clenched. His bowed head clearly expressed how reluctant he was to admit his wrongdoings. Everyone's mouth except that of Song Jia and Wei Xin's were wide open as they gasped. They knew he was a good for nothing person but no one expected him to turn out to be a thief. The nephew of the Chairman was a thief!! Where everyone looked shocked, Yue Min looked disappointed. He had no idea of what his son has done until now. When Song Jia was cornering him to speak the truth, he thought she was accusing him falsely just to prevent him from getting a permanent position. But after hearing everything from his son's own mouth, he had nothing to say. Even Yue Min was not a very honest person, but he was not a fool either. Everything he did was done in the dark, making sure no one could reach back to him. But this damn son of his made him lose all face. The only good thing that came out of this meeting was that Song Chen was not present. He would have lost all face otherwise, not like he got to save any either, but losing it in front of his brother-in-law would have been even more awkward. But unfortunately, all he could do right now was endure all the insults being thrown at his son, which would also implicate him indirectly in the future. "Well, so we are finally talking now ha?" Song Jia smiled and got back to sit on her big swivel chair. She glanced at her watch and without looking at Yue Tianxiao continued, "I will give you three minuted to admit to everything. You may start now." "I- I replaced two of the original sets with a fake one. I admit it. But I didn't replace all. The ones I took were collectively just ninety million yuan." He looked like he was going to cry. "I pocketed the money of those two sets and I haven't taken the rest. I swear." "Are you still lying Mr. Yue. Why don't you just admit your wrongdoings and let the matter go?" He Bai spoke with a dark expression on his face. He was very angry with the lad still lying. "Vice-president He, Mr. Yue is speaking the truth. He indeed only replaced two sets." Song Jia spoke with a bright smile on her face. "You- you knew it from the beginning?" Yue Tianxiao looked flabbergasted. All this while he thought that if he didn't admit, the blame for the entire five hundred million yuan will be pushed on him and that was the only reason he confessed. "Of course I knew. I knew it from the beginning. And I also knew that you would never admit if I asked for only those two pieces." Her smile looked very mocking to her cousin. He felt like she was laughing at him, belittling him even when all she did was sit on the chair like a queen. Yue Tianxiao felt like slapping her in her face to freeze her smile. He was angry, very very angry. Sadly all he could do right now was endure everything. "Don't hand me to the cops, please. I am sorry." The guilty thief had no choice but to ask for forgiveness from the person he hated so much. He hated the fact that he was at her mercy right now. He hated the fact that she was better than him at everything. He hated the fact that she had everything that he wanted to have, the top position of the company, the reputation of an extremely admired employer, a successful CEO and the sole heiress of such a big empire. He hated her. What the fool didn't understand was that she wasn't served this in a silver platter right at birth. She has worked hard day and night to achieve it all. Sure she was given the position of the President due to her birthrights but to keep that chair for her, she has put in a lot of efforts that an ordinary person like him would never understand. "Well, that depends on how soon you are willing to compensate for all the losses the company has suffered due to the stunt you have pulled." "I will compensate the ninety million as soon as-" "Did you perhaps not paid attention to what I said just now?" Song Jia asked her cousin as she signaled Wei Xin to bring another set of documents. She tossed the documents on the table in front of Yue Tianxiao. He dipped his neck to glance at it and growled, "Are you f*cking kidding me??!!! You want me to pay back one hundred fifty million?" "Of course, who will compensate for the damage that the goodwill of the company has suffered due to your heroic act, dear cousin?" Song Jia was not a person to derive joy from others' plight, but today she felt inexplicably happy doing this. Everything this cousin has done till date was to add to her troubles and today she was paying it back along with the interest.
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