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Hearing the same question for the second time, Yue Tianxiao had a very bad feeling. He was gone for good this time. He stuttered to speak but words just won't come out of his mouth. "Song- Song Jia, what do you mean?" Before Song Jia could speak Wei Xin stepped forward, "it would be quite nice of you Mr. Yue if you addressed the boss as President. This is not your home and here she is your boss, not your cousin. Please don't forget that." "Who the hell are you to tell me that, b***h?" Yue Tianxiao roared with anger when he heard Wei Xin's words. Those words had hit him straight on his ego. "How dare you, a measly assistant talk to me Yue Tianxiao like that, ha?" "Yue Tianxiao, don't forget your place." It was Song Jia this time. For the time being, she was fine if his words were directed at her, because she was soon going to show him his place. But she would never tolerate a worthless man insulting her people. "Wei Xin is my assistant and no one, when I say no one, I mean NO ONE, talks to my people like that. She represents me in this company and is answerable only to me. This is the first and of course the last time someone speaks to her like that." When these words came out of her mouth, they were meant for everyone present. Everyone knew of the bond shared between Song Jia and Wei Xin, and given to her place in the company, it was directly after Song Jia. In short, she held a very high position in the company that no one could dare offend. "Coming back to the point, let us first discuss the work that you have done during these three months period. Shall we?" Song Jia has regained her calm composure by now. "First of all", she lifted a hand with her palm facing the ceiling in the air in which Wei Xin placed a document holder. "how do you mean to explain this?" While she spoke, she took out the contents from the document holder and tossed it on the brown, oval conference table and Wei Xin distributed everyone a similar looking folder. When the executives present, opened the thin folders, their faces turned into a complex expression. "This is the copy of the notice that has been sent to 'Sparkle & Shine' in the name of fraud." Song Jia continued. "The company was supposed to deliver a consignment of five sets of Jade jewelry and another ten sets of diamond jewelry to another company by the starting of this month and for which the company has received the payments in advance." She explained the situation very clearly to everyone present. "However, we received a notice from the company today that the consignment which was worth five hundred million yuan was indeed received by them but it consisted of mainly artificial stones and only a few parts were real." "So, being the 'great capable chairman' Mr. Yue my cousin is, please explain where did the original consignment go." "Yue Tianxiao was sweating profusely in the cool air-conditioned room. He had nothing to answer. "How, how could this be?" "Exactly my question dear cousin. How could this be? Because as per my research you personally took charge for the custody of the jewelry since it was your first big consignment and your key to permanency in the company. So where did it go?" Song Jia never felt so good in calling Yue Tianxiao her cousin as much as she was feeling today. "This is impossible, I did make sure that they receive the jewelry safe and sound." Yue Tianxiao felt hot moisture filling in his eyes. "It can't go anywhere." "The company indeed received it safe and sound but the artificial jewelry my dear cousin. And since it was in your custody, you are the sole person answerable for this mess. Ain't you?" Song Jia smiled as she disclosed her cards one by one. "Are you accusing my son of theft Xiao Jia?" Yue Min who could no longer tolerate it shouted loudly. "Of course not 'uncle' I am just asking him to provide an explanation. You see, five hundred million yuan is a humongous sum after all. Isn't it uncle?" "Now, this is the thing my dear cousin Tianxiao, either you explain what exactly happened to the jewelry or I call the cops. I can do either which you like." Her sweet voice felt like pricks in the ears of Yue Min and his son. "Don't do that please Xiao Jia." Yue Tianxiao was scared out of his wits when he heard the name of cops. "Well, you leave me with no choice cousin, this is a big sum of money that 'Sparkle & Shine' can't afford from its pockets and I have no intention to cover the expense of compensation from the headquarters. So now, you decide and please make it quick." "But I didn't steal anything." Yue Tianxiao seemed persistent and if people present didn't know of his cunningness, they would have been convinced by his expression that could have made anyone feel that he was being wrongly accused. "Yes, you did, and that too worth five hundred million yuan." Song Jia raised the pitch of her voice slightly, but it created immense pressure on Tianxiao. "I did not." His voice was very low and hard to hear. Song Jia was getting short on patience, "Wei Xin call the cops and tell them we have been robbed off worth five hundred million yuan and when they investigate, tell them our prime suspect is this man." Her index finger pointed at Yue Tianxiao, while her face was slightly twisted to Wei Xin's side. "Don't do this Song Jia." Yue Tianxiao was almost begging now. He looked really worried and had no intention of spending his prime youth behind bars. "Well, then I would really appreciate if you speak the truth and not waste our precious time." Song Jia was firm at her stand and had no intention of budging as she pushed Yue Tianxiao in a corner, leaving him with no choice. "You won't call the cops if I confess?" Feeling helpless Yue Tianxiao finally asked. "That depends on how much you are willing to admit dear cousin." Song Jia smiled as she saw Yue Tianxiao falling straight in her trap.
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