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"Are you sure about it, my dear cousin?" The question was posed by Song Jia in a very serene tone and her lips were curved in a small smile. She looked like a queen who was about to pass on her verdict to her subordinates. It was only now that Yue Tianxiao noticed her serenity and he knew quite well that Song Jia didn't want him in the company. Contrary to her intentions the calm composure of hers that she has pulled on so effortlessly started bothering him little by little. The realization made his smile freeze... She sure has some tricks up her sleeve. Even Yue Ming started feeling bothered, seeing his so-called niece smiling so mockingly at his son. He knew the b***h well enough to know that she was always calm whenever she had a counterattack ready. Now the question that arose was, what was the counterattack? The father-son duo looked at Song Jia with an unnerved expression, that was crawling slowly on their faces making it quite obvious on their features. "Perhaps my cousin didn't hear me, so I will ask him again. Are you sure elder cousin Tianxiao that I have called the meeting to discuss your renewed appointment?" Song Jia asked sipping some water from the bottle placed in front of her, whereas Wei Xin who was standing behind, failed to prevent her lips from cracking into a small smile, which Yue Tianxiao and everyone else saw quite clearly. "Of-of course, of course, what else would it be?" His words sounded more like he was convincing himself rather than answering her question. "Well I must say, I am quite impressed with the testimonials your employees gave for you. They never wrote anything for me, you must be quite an impressive Chairman to make them write so." "Well, it depends on person to person President Song." Even though he looked smug outside, he was breaking in sweat inside. Song Jia gave him a sweet smile before slightly tilting her head to speak to Wei Xin. "Wei Xin please connect the pen drive I asked you to bring this morning." "Yes President." Wei Xin nodded and immediately connected the pen drive to the laptop placed in front of Song Jia. Song Jia clicked on a folder and a video started playing on the projector screen behind her. The video was of a brightly lit room, walls colored in a combination of pale cream and brown. In the spacious room, on one side was a big mahogany desk opposite which sat Yue Tianxio, talking to the person in front of him whose back was captured in the camera. "I want you to write a testimonial for me, that I will present in the meeting at the headquarters. The testimonial should all be positive." Yue Tianxiao who has been behaving so smug all this while has lost the color on his face after the video was played. "No, wait, to make it look real, add a few negatives as well." "Yes Chairman, I will ask everyone to write for you. They-" Before the person whose back faced the camera could finish, Yue Tianxiao interrupted him. "Tut, who told you to get it done from all the employees, they should not know about it. Just get a few trusted men to write it and get done with it." The video ended soon after. Song Jia smiled and glared at Yue Tianxiao. "So, this is the truth behind the testimonials, isn't it cousin Tianxiao?" Yue Tianxiao looked utterly embarrassed from the revelation that was just made. He didn't know how to respond and was trying to avoid eye contact with anyone and everyone. Rest of the people sitting were all laughing deep down, however, due to Song Jia's presence, they didn't dare disturb the decorum of the room and sat silently. Yue Min who was just now feeling proud of his son, felt like someone splashed his face with cold water and brought him out of his zone. He immediately started regretting his decision of getting his son appointed in the company because his son was nothing but embarrassment and would surely bring down the image he has built for himself in all these years. He nudged him with his elbow in Yue Tianxiao's pelvic sharply, and when he looked back at him, Yue Min glared at him, indicating him to speak and provide answers to Song Jia's claim. Song Jia saw the little activity between the father and son and spoke on behalf of Yue Tianxiao. "Director Yue, please don't force my cousin Tianxiao to provide answers, because even he didn't expect to get caught." "I knew he will do something of this sort and I made sure to keep an eye on him. And here, my hard work paid off." She chuckled as she laid back on her chair. "Huh," Yue Tianxiao harrumphed and then slapped the desk hard before getting up. "We both know this is all fake. You morphed the video and brought it here to tarnish my reputation. I will sue you for slander." "Why only slander cousin? You should go for libel too. I don't mind." "Since this is what you want, you shall get it. But let me tell you one thing. This video does not change anything. I have still fulfilled my part of the condition placed for my appointment and I am eligible for a renewed appointment. So stop with these little tricks of yours, Song Jia." Song Jia leaned forward to support her chin with her palm as she gave a bored expression. "Cousin Tianxiao, I will ask the same question, yet again. Are you sure?"
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