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After seeing how sad Wei Xin was, Song Jia felt really bad. She never knew Wei Xin was so good at hiding her emotions that she never in four years found out that her friend loved Wu Zihao. Wei Xin told her everything that happened until she drove Wu Zihao to Wu Mansion. She deliberately escaped the part where she confessed to him and everything that happened later on. Because she wasn't sure if the thing with Fredrick was real or just a part of her imagination. The two friends talked for a long while until it was time for lunch. To pep up her friend, Song Jia ordered delivery from Wei Xin's favorite restaurant in the city. Wei Xin felt delighted to see the course of dishes laid on the table. It was authentic Chinese food from her favorite Chinese restaurant in the city. The table was filled with Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs, Pork Chops, Chicken wings, Chicken Cantonese soup, Chilli crab in black bean sauce and multiple other food items Wei Xin loved to eat. Song Jia was sure a generous friend. Wei Xin felt her mouth watering. "You sure treat me the best." She giggled happily before digging in her plate. "Are you sure you want to do this?" Wei Xin placed her chopsticks down and asked Song Jia. "Yes." Song Jia answered wiping the corners of her mouth with the napkin. "Let's go then." It was almost time for the meeting that Song Jia has called. Wei Xin went ahead to check the preparations and Song Jia came after at the time of the meeting, to see everyone already seated. Her eyes met Yue Tianxiao sitting with a smug expression on his face as he leaned against his chair. She smiled seeing him and then walked across the room to sit at her place. After everyone got seated, Song Jia signaled to start the meeting. The vice president He Bai stood up in his place and started speaking. "I hope you all remember the conditions that were placed when appointing Mr. Yue Tianxiao as the Chairman of Sparkle & Shine three months back." He paused and everyone nodded including the Yue father and son duo. "Three months have completed today and we shall now review his progress and decide if he is capable to be allowed to continue with his appointment as a permanent Chairman or will have to vacate the chair." Song Jia heard everything and then spoke, "Cousin Tianxiao, let us first hear what you have got to say." Yue Tainxiao signaled his secretary standing behind him with a stack of paper to come forward and distribute a copy each to everyone. "As you can all see, the papers in front of you are an extract of the company's interim financial statements of the relevant quarter." He glanced at everyone, with the smirk expression on his face intact. He lifted his chin arrogantly and continued, "You can all see, the profit that the company has made during the period clearly exceeds five percent of the net profit on the capital, which was the condition stated in the appointment contract and to someone's disappointment I have fulfilled the condition, making me eligible to renew my appointment to a permanent one this time." The 'someone' he indirectly pointed to was obviously Song Jia. Everyone present knew that. But this was not what surprised them, they were surprised with the result that Yue Tianxiao has produced which was way beyond their imagination. Everyone has expected that he shall be kicked out of the company today because they all knew that he was a good for nothing lad. But to their surprise, or rather shock, he not only achieved the set target, but he also crossed the margin with an impressive two percent in addition, making the total percentage of profit for the quarter to seven, leaving everyone flabbergasted. This was unexpected. He then signaled his secretary to circulate another set of documents to the executives present. After they read the document, they were all dumbfounded and looked at each other with astonishment. Even Wei Xin could not help feeling shocked, this was not at all expected. She looked at Song Jia with a confused expression on her face, only to find the latter sitting in a very relaxed manner on her chair, with no sign of worry showing on her face. Yue Tianxiao has sure come prepared. The documents were actually the copies of testimonials handwritten by the employees of 'Sparkle & Shine' praising their Chairman to the end of the world. [Our new Chairman, Mr. Yue Tianxiao is not only a great leader and a nice Chairman, but he is also a very kind-hearted person filled with compassion and empathy for his fellow workers and subordinates. He is the best Chairman that I have come across until now. He must not be replaced.] [Chairman, Mr. Yue Tianxiao is a far-sighted visionary with great ideas and plans for the future. He is a true leader indeed.] [The best candidate for Chairman to lead the company is Boss Yue. He is the best. Cheers!!] [One and only Chairman suitable for the company, Mr. Yue Tianxiao. Fighting!!] Wei Xin felt like retching on Yue Tianxiao's face after reading the testimonials. He was such a sly fox to have manipulated the employees to write such nonsensical things for him. Yes, those praises seem nonsensical in her eyes. Even a blind man won't believe that it was true, forget Wei Xin and the rest. Yue Tianxiao looked quite satisfied with the shocked reaction on everyone's face. He was very sure that the position of Chairman was now his. Not even Song Jia can take that away from him. He was laughing inwardly. "So what have you got to say now, President Song?" He asked with a hint of mockery in his tone. Hearing the confidence in his son's voice, even Yue Min started believing everything that was shown on the papers in front of everyone. He was nervous at first, fearing that his son might shoot himself in the foot, but now seeing that even Song Jia was quiet, he could see his son being offered a renewed appointment. He felt proud of his son's achievement whom he thought to be a fool all his life. "I have indeed got a lot to say." Song Jia spoke with a soft laugh. "Well, whatever it is, I am sure it is all about the renewal of my appointment. Isn't it?" With every minute his tone started getting arrogant. "Are you sure about it my dear cousin?"
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