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After their not-so-short lovey-dovey moment, Wu hang and Song Jia climbed in the car and Wu Zhang directed Li Jing to drive home. "I need to go to the company first, it's urgent." Song Jia looked at Wu Zhang in whose arms she was leaning. "You just came back, what is the hurry?" "I need to settle some important matters at the company first" her eyes looked unreadable yet determined. Wu Zhang peeked a glance at her, observing her face but didn't force her to tell him anything. Things seemed different since she has returned and he wasn't liking the idea of being kept in dark by her. Even though he had all the means to find out what was going on with her, he would never do that. He respected her privacy and personal space. She will tell him when she would want to. He looked at her for one more time before directing Li Jing to take her to the Corporation. Song Jia placed a quick peck on his lips before climbing out of the car, leaving Wu Zhang dumbstruck and Li Jing awestruck. It was still the beginning of working hours when she entered her office and there was no sign of Wei Xin's presence. She frowned, not finding her in the office. She was never late. She might be stuck somewhere, she thought to herself and called Jin Qingge inside via the intercom. "Good morning Boss." Jin Qingge greeted Song Jia as she entered. "Morning" Song Jia nodded her head while turning pages of the file in front of her, "help me call a meeting at 2:00 pm with all the executives and don't forget to call over the ones from 'Sparkle & Shine'. I will leave the arrangements in your hand." Jin Qingge nodded and excused herself to make the necessary arrangements, while Song Jia made a call to Wei Xin. After several attempts, Wei Xin answered the call and her sleepy voice was heard. "Hello." "You are still sleeping?" Song Jia chuckled, Wei Xin was not someone to sleep till so late in the morning. "I-" Wei Xin threw the duvets aside and sat in the bed, pressing her temples. Her head was hurting from the hangover. "You are not well?" Her voice was concerned. "No I am fine, just slept for too long. Haha." She chuckled. "I will be there in some time, sorry for being late." "It's alright. Take a day off of you want to." "How can I? Today is someone's doomsday, I must be there." Wei Xin spoke with a devilish smile on her face, as she looked at the date on her phone. "Alright then, be on time. It's 11 now, meeting starts at half-past twelve." Song Jia told her the incorrect time. "How could you be so mean? You start it in an hour and call me only now? That's not fair." Wei Xin whined as she got out of the bed in the flash of a second. "Rush here if you don't want to miss it." Song Jia chuckled and hung up the phone. She wanted to see how much Wei Xin wanted to witness this meeting. She chuckled imagining her rushing to the company and went back to work. Very soon, not disappointing Song Jia, Wei Xin was in her office within an hour and a half, sharp. She was too eager to see a certain someone being thrown out of the company. "Why are you still here? Ain't we going?" Wei Xin asked confused. It was already 'time' but Song Jia was still in her office, working on files. "It's at two." Song Jia stuck out two fingers as she told Wei Xin the actual time. "What?" Wei Xin's eyes popped out of her socket and her face showed expression which looked like she was about to cry. "How can you do this to me? Are you my friend or my enemy?" "I just wanted to see your zeal." Song Jia laughed. She has by now changed in a beige burlap sack and her hair was tied neatly in a bun. "Your friend has just gone through heartbreak last night and here you are playing jokes on me. So mean of you." Wei Xin stomped her foot. Song Jia looked at her with her eyes wide, and only after Wei Xin noticed her gaze did she realize she has said something she was not supposed to speak. "What did you say? Heartbreak?" Her eyes were still wide from the shock she has just received while her eyebrows were arched upwards as she questioned her friend. "I- I was just joking. I went out for some drinks last night and had a hangover this morning. So I just joked it as a heartbreak. Haha." Wei Xin tried to laugh off the matter, avoiding Song Jia's gaze. Song Jia looked at Wei Xin carefully and she knew she was lying. Something has really happened. She got up from her swivel chair, walked to Wei Xin and made her sit on a chair on the other side of the desk. "Tell me, who was the moron?" "Ah? You would not want to know." Wei Xin slouched on the chair with her head hanging low. She felt uncomfortable telling her that the man she was talking about was Wu Zhang's younger brother. It would be awkward. "I. Said. Tell. Me. I am already pissed off over the fact that you had a man in your life that could break your heart and you never told me. Don't piss me more." Song Jia said in an authoritative tone, leaving no space for argument. "It- it was Wu Zihao." Wei Xin finally spoke after taking a long breathe. "What?" Song Jia found it hard to digest what she just heard. Wu Zihao broke Wei Xin' heart? "I loved him for a long time, he loved someone else." She chuckled, "Tragic as it may sound, nothing can be done about it." She looked at Song Jia's expression, that was more or less blank, she was truly shocked to know this. This was totally unexpected. "Don't worry, I have given up on him. Don't mind." "I am a terrible friend to not be with you at such time. Are you alright?" "Yes, I have to be." Wei Xin sighed.
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