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It was the day for Song Jia to return, Wu Zhang reached the airport an hour before her arrival, waiting in his Bentley while he worked on his laptop. Her flight landed on the scheduled time and Song Jia walked out of the airport in a pink knee-length summer dress. Her hair was tied in a high ponytail and as usual, she had the minimal make-up on her, consisting of just a nude lipstick and a bit of eye-liner. She looked like a freshly bloomed flower. Wu Zhang's gaze immediately softened down, seeing her in front of his eyes after so many days, safe and sound. Li Jing got off the driver's seat immediately to open the door for Wu Zhang. Wu Zhang climbed out of the car with his long legs to see Song Jia walking in his direction smiling and looking at him with an equally love-filled gaze, just like him. She was the only woman in the entire country, no, corrections, in the entire world who could take his breath away just with a simple love-filled look. She was his entire world. It was not just Wu Zhang who was feeling mesmerized, even Song Jia could not contain her happiness after seeing Wu Zhang. He looked devilishly charming in his brown three-piece suit. His hair was ruffled by the wind and blowing freely, adding more charm to his features. As soon as she reached the car, Yes, she reached because Wu Zhang has forgotten to walk to her after seeing her, he pulled her in his embrace and hugged her tightly. The people walking nearby gasped as they saw the lovely couple. "Look isn't that President Wu Zhang, from Wu Corporations? Omo! he is hugging such a pretty girl. Who is the lucky woman?" A girl passing by nudged her boyfriend walking next to her. "I want to be hugged by him too." The girl said with the starry effect reflecting in her eyes. "I am so jealous." Her boyfriend's face darkened hearing his girlfriend's wish, "Honey do you know what are you talking? That's called infidelity." "Who cares about infidelity if the person to be infidel with is THE WU ZHANG?" The woman put extra emphasis on his name to add weight to her words as she fangirled the couple, without even noticing the ugly expression on her boyfriend's face. "If I am not wrong, the woman with him is Song Jia, President of Song International Corporations, do you think she will spare you if you stole her man?" The boyfriend made his girlfriend come back to earth as he did a reality check for her with a harrumph and then pulled her away by her hand, afraid that his girlfriend might run to them the next moment and pounce on Wu Zhang. While the couple went away, there were still a few elderly people as well as youths who smiled seeing Wu Zhang and Song Jia's public display of affection. A lot of people recognized Wu Zhang because he would appear on television and economic news every now and then. Whereas for Song Jia, who preferred being low-key was recognized only by a few. However, everyone, whether they recognized her or not, had one thought common in their minds, that the woman looked perfect with President Wu, just like a match made in heaven. Unaware of the entire infidelity talk about them as well as the gazes and gasps of people passing by, Wu Zhang and Song Jia were lost in their own moment, in each other's embrace. Wu Zhang noticed that there was something different in their hug this time. It was always Wu Zhang who hugged her and would not let go, but this time it was Song Jia, who wasn't budging. She has hugged him so tight, burying her face in his chest that it felt like she wanted to merge as one with him. Her slender fingers were clutching the back of his Brown Armani coat so hard, creasing the neatly ironed coat, which Wu Zhang, of course, didn't mind. He was too happy to know that she wanted him. The way she hugged him, it was a sign, a good sign that she has also missed him just the way he has. He was too happy to worry about a goddamn Armani coat worth three lakh yuan. He could buy as many coats as he wanted but this hug from his woman was priceless. Nothing, no matter how expensive could compare to this hug, forget a measly Armani coat. His happiness meter soared to the skies when she suddenly whispered with her face still buried in his chest, "I missed you, Zhang. I missed you a lot." What Wu Zhang didn't see was a faint blush that appeared on her delicate face as she told him how badly she missed him. A beautiful smile found its way to her face, bringing a glow that was incomparable to work of any makeup product. His heart broadened in his chest and his face beamed with happiness hearing her words. She missed him!! The grip of his arms tightened around her slender waist as he locked them securely behind her back. She was his most precious treasure, that he would trade for nothing in this world. He placed a soft kiss in her hair, inhaling her faint lavender-like smell, which was, of course, her perfume. "I missed you too Xiao Jia, I missed you every minute you were not around me. Glad that you came back." Li Jing who was standing on the sidelines was wiping his imaginary tears while praying and thanking all the Gods that he could think of at that emotional moment of the reunion of his boss and future lady boss. 'Thank God Miss Song is keeping her preferences aside and focusing only on the boss. Dear Buddha, let her be focused on the boss all the time, not allowing her to think of anyone else. Not even that Long sister. Otherwise, the boss would make our lives a living hell.' [A/N: Thank goodness, he was praying silently, because if Wu Zhang heard him, it won't matter if Song Jia left him or not, Li Jing's life would have definitely been made a living hell by Wu Zhang.] After praying silently, Li Jing shook his head to clear his thoughts and waited patiently for the love birds to part so that they could be driven home. Miss Song was focusing on his boss, so of course, he was in no hurry.
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