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Li Jing looked a bit worried when he was to enter Wu Zhang's office the other day. He wiped his forehead with his kerchief before he entered. No doubt he was worried because the information that he has gathered was worth worrying. All he could do right now was pray for the heavens to save him. After pondering over it for some time, he decided to go inside and only speak about the Longs' incident when his boss would ask. He entered and continued with his daily chorus of arranging files for his boss and do whatever else was asked of him in the brightly lit office room. He was silently cheering inside because Wu Zhang didn't even once ask about the wallpaper thing again. Alas! his happiness was short-lived because as soon as the clock struck twelve, the first words that came out of Wu Zhang's mouth were as follows, "What information did you manage to find out about the Longs?" For a while, Li Jing didn't understand what was he actually supposed to do, so he just stared blankly in front of him. "Li Jing." Wu Zhang spoke again bringing him back to earth. Li Jing opened his mouth to speak again when his eyes fell on the big clock hanging on a wall in the room. So this was why President didn't ask for the information till now because he has said "I want answers by noon tomorrow" and it was noon now. "President I-" I hope you won't kill me if I tell you the truth, will you?" "Speak" When Li Jing didn't speak for sometime Wu Zhang felt like he was losing his patience. A look of annoyance appeared on his face when he probed him to speak. "Miss Long Xiuping and her brother met Miss Song three years back during a business meeting when the Aroma was still in the stage of incorporation. You can call them business acquaintances." "Mhm," Wu Zhang nodded his head as Li Jing continued. "And for the wallpaper, it was Miss Long Xiuping's phone that had it." Li Jing scratched his neck as he spoke. Wu Zhang sighed in relief when he heard that it was Long Xiuping's phone. But then he tensed up immediately, his face turning dark. "Did you say that she and Miss Song are just business acquaintances?" "They are indeed, President." "Then care to explain, which business acquaintance uses each other's photo as their wallpaper?" Wu Zhang's expression was turning dark minute by minute. Li Jing, on the other hand, felt a drop of sweat slide down the back of his neck to his spinal cord inside his shirt. Why the hell does their President have to be so scary? "Pr- Boss that, umm. Miss Long is interested in women." Another drop of cold sweat rolled down his neck. He has just told his president that he has gotten himself a romantic rival and that romantic rival was none other than a woman!! Wu Zhang was silent for sometime when Li Jing spoke again, "President that should not be an issue right?" "Why? Having someone who likes your partner is why not an issue?" Wu Zhang asked with an eyebrow arched. Li Jing wanted to cry. So if having a lesbian romantic rival is a problem for his president, does that mean... Miss Song is also interested in women? Li Jing's thoughts started running wild. But wait, something was not fitting in place. How come Miss Song ended up with his President, when she is interested in women? Holy Crap!! So Miss Song is interested in both men and women? She is a... bi-sexual? Li Jing's eyes almost popped out of its socket out of shock that he received from his own line of thought. Realization struck him quite hard!! Quite understandable, why the president is so worried. He silently lit incense sticks for his president's love life in his heart. Wu Zhang on the other hand who had no idea of what was going on in the head of this man in front of him was still waiting for an answer from him. Li Jing suddenly snapped out of his thoughts when he felt Wu Zhang's intense and furious gaze on him. "What I meant was," he didn't know how to tell about his thoughts to the president so he used a different approach to console his president, "President, you should not be worried because Miss Song seems to be a loyal person. She won't cuck-" Cough!! "She won't leave you for a woman. Will she?" Now that Wu Zhang thought about it, Li Jing was actually right! Song Jia was a woman with straight sexual orientations. So why should he be worried about a romantic rival who was a woman? 'Even if Miss Song is a bi-sexual, thank heavens she is a loyal person. At least this way, President won't be worried about Miss Long Xiuping.' This was the exact thought in Li Jing's mind right now. Wu Zhang, on the other hand, felt quite relieved after realizing that Song Jia was loyal and STRAIGHT, so there was no way she will leave him for someone else. When Li Jing was about to turn and leave, Wu Zhang stopped him, "You can collect a double month-end bonus for this month." Li Jing didn't know if he should laugh for the bonus or cry for the realization he just had.
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