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Wei Xin was a bunch of messed up emotions right now with no realization of what she was actually doing or speaking. All she could process right now was that Fredrick was a scumbag who lied to her and with whom she had no intention of going back home. He was not at all trustworthy. "I won't go, with caps lock on." She was speaking so loudly that her words were echoing in the quiet night. "Come with me and I will tell you everything that you want to know. I promise I won't hurt you." "Why should I trust you?" She asked raising an eyebrow and crossing her arms in front of her chest, which led to her coat to slip on the ground. Fredrick glanced at her and then silently picked up her coat. But this time he didn't place it on her shoulders like before but instead pulled her arm to spread them apart and made her wear it, tucking the buttons in the front securely. Of course, Wei Xin tried to retaliate but his grip on her was quite firm, not letting her pull back until he succeeded in making her wear it. "Now for your question, as to why should you trust me," He leaned against the car and looked at her from head to toe with a warmth in his deep eyes before continuing, "because if you don't get inside the car quietly I will have to take you against your will. So because you have to come with me anyway, you can decide how do you want to go." Before Wei Xin could make a choice, he spoke again, "And in case if you don't know I am very good in martial arts and taking you away is no big deal for me. All I will do is drop you at your place, safe and sound. So now, the choice is yours. Decide." Wei Xin wanted to speak something but her head was hurting too bad to think straight. She stood in her place silently, doing nothing except blinking her eyes and looking at him with a crease on her small face. This little gesture made Fredrick laugh, she looked so cute, just like a small angry cat. Maybe because of the effects of baiju, added to her headache along with the fact that finding a cab in this area was too hard, she gave in and decided to go. She went to him, pushed him away and then got inside the car. Fredrick looked quite satisfied with her choice and then with a small smile on his lips, walked to the driver's seat and climbed in. But he was taken aback the next moment when Wei Xin suddenly placed a fruit knife on his neck!! She leaned on him and spoke word for word, "Don't you dare betray me this time you Fredrick whatever, or else I will chop you down here and feed you to the dogs." The scene looked quite funny because what Wei Xin had in her hand was a fruit knife, and with one glance Fredrick knew that its edge was blunt. And also she was drunk with the alcohol showing its effect, making her eyelids go heavy. "Alright, I will drop you safely you cat. Now, will you please put the knife away so that I can look ahead to make sure that we don't go crashing in another car on the road?" He looked with a charming smile at her, making her heart race. Wei Xin thought that his words made sense so she pulled the knife back, but all throughout she kept it pointed in his direction, fighting the urge to pass out very hard. When they reached home, her steps were stumbling and Fredrick had to support her to make sure she didn't fall down on the way. He helped her inside the house, while Wei Xin was leaning on him all the way. To warm her hand, she pushed it inside his jacket, which he didn't mind at all. When they reached inside, he pulled her towards him all of a sudden and placed a not so gentle kiss on her lips, leaving her startled. When they broke away, she thought she heard him saying, "don't go around, getting close with other men." After he spoke it, he held her hands and took her to her bedroom. Wei Xin let him pull her because she was no more in her senses due to the drink. He tucked her in her bed, after taking off her shoes and left silently.
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