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Wei Xin was looking at the street to flag down a cab for herself, but the street seemed to be visibly empty with no cabs in sight. The reason was simple, Wu Mansion was located in one of the poshest and most expensive lands of C City where people rarely looked for cabs. It would be like an insult for them to flag one down. She sighed and walked out of the locality passing the security checks. Her head and heart, both were aching. All the way she was continuously rubbing her forearms to produce some heat in her body as she was feeling really cold ever since she left Wu Zihao's car. She waited for sometime after which a black Volkswagen stopped in front of her. She frowned and thought it has stopped for someone else, therefore she walked a few steps further away to look for cabs, murmuring a curse under her breath. "Idiot person, can't he see I am waiting for a cab?" However, she felt utterly confused when the car again followed her and stopped in front of her, blocking her way. She was about to walk away for the second time when the window of the shotgun seat rolled down and a slightly familiar manly voice was heard, "Get in, I will drop you." 'Who is he?' This was the first thought that popped in her head after hearing those words. She squatted to the level of the windscreen and peeped inside to see the side profile of.... Fredrick? Her mouth gaped open and her forehead showed multiple creases. What was this liar doing here? She was already quite disturbed after knowing Wu Zihao loved someone else and all her frustration reached to another level when she saw this liar in front of her. She straightened her back and then raised her leg to kick the door of the car right above its step bumper hard with her heels and then walked away after screaming aloud a "F*ck you liar!!" She walked two steps before she paused and then came back again, the alcohol in her system was kicking in and her headache was intensifying. But she ignored the headache, and threw a question at him pointing her index finger to him, "were you stalking me right now ha?" Fredrick who sat silently inside the car all this while finally opened the door, walked across the bumper and reached her. He opened the door to the passenger seat and tugged her sleeve a little forcibly to bring her closer, before fetching her coat from the car. Only after she saw the coat in his hand, did she realize she did not have it on her and that is why she was so cold? She was almost freezing but she didn't realize until now that she has forgotten her coat in the club. So did he follow her all the way to the club? Wasn't this pure stalking? However, her thoughts were in too much of a mess to think about it clearly. "How did you.." Her words trailed off mid-sentence when he unfolded the coat and placed it on her shoulders, without uttering a single word. He had no intention of replying to her questions, answers to which were quite clear. "Get inside." He spoke very patiently after making sure she was warm enough. "Tell me first! How come you are here?" Without even realizing herself, Wei Xin was now screaming while a few small drops of tears rolled down her eyes. Her emotions seemed to be a mess due to the sudden discovery and the alcohol she drank previously. "Be good and get inside. It's cold and you are drunk. It's not safe to go back alone at this hour." He said rubbing her short hair, trying to coax her to go with him. "No!!" Wei Xin declared stomping her foot, which she thought was on the ground but in reality, was on his foot. "Wild girl you are!" Fredrick chuckled, hiding the sudden pain that occurred due to her sharp heels quite well.
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