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Wei Xin took some time to process what Wu Zihao just said. He was leaning against the backrest with his eyes closed and seemed like he was on the verge of passing out. A tear drop silently rolled down from the corner of her eyes and she sat motionless. She didn't know what to do now. "Waiter bring four more shots." Wu Zihao raised his hand and called the staff who brought over the drinks immediately. "You have drank a lot. Don't drink more." She tried to stop him. "I am very sad, don't stop me." He protested and bottomed up the first glass, slamming it on the table in front of him, hard. She opened her mouth to persuade him to not drink anymore, but she then closed it. She didn't know how to cheer him when she herself was falling apart. She has already compromised with the fact the he will never be hers, but knowing that he had some other woman he was in love with, made her feel like her heart was clutched in the grasp of a big claw and was being twisted in her chest, making it difficult for her to breathe. She now connected the dots herself. Maybe he has gone to U.S.A to look for this woman Jin Qingling and that is why his expression went so sour when she asked him why he went there. She smiled dryly looking at him and then sighed, while he was so busy in his own chain of thoughts that he didn't notice her reaction. He had absolutely no idea of her feelings towards him. She didn't know what to do. Even though she never raised her hopes high, seeing him in love with someone else was still hurtful. "Let's go." She wanted to leave. Her heart was breaking and she didn't want to break down in front of him. He should not see her in this state. Wu Zihao paid the bill and Wei Xin helped him to come out. He was leaning on her for support as his steps were languid. "Nerdy Raisin you are such a good friend. And I love you so much." Wei Xin almost stumbled down hearing his last words. But she knew exactly what kind of love he was talking about. How she wished this 'love' was the same as what she had for him. But he was just drunk and had the habit of telling people he was close to that he loved them randomly, without any meaning. "Shut up and walk properly. You are too heavy for me." She snapped back at him and looked away, trying to balance herself from falling down due to his weight and pushing her black rimmed glasses back to place. When they reached out, she took him to his car and helped him in the shotgun seat while she took the driver's seat because Wu Zihao didn't seem to be in the condition to drive. He was too drunk. Once they reached the Wu Mansion, Wei Xin stopped the car near the entrance and looked at Wu Zihao sitting next to her who has passed out completely. She looked around and saw no one in sight. The guards were near the main entrance and the car had black film on the windscreens, hindering the sight of people from outside to look inside. She waved her hand in front of his face to check if he was awake, but to her relief he wasn't. He has passed out completely. She leaned closer to him and then placed a light peck on his cold yet soft lips. Caressing his face softly, she looked at him lovingly, before she whispered very lightly, "Wu Zihao, I Wei Xin is deeply and madly in love with you. But I am fine just by seeing you happy and therefore I will let you go. But if your search gives no result and you find yourself lost in the barren lands, remember to come to me. I promise to be your shade in the scorching hot desert. I love you my love." Wei Xin placed another peck on his lips before she got out of the car and walked towards the gates of the mansion. "Take your second young master inside, he is in the car." She spoke to the guards at the door and then left the mansion to hail a cab for herself.
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