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After hearing Wu Zhang was also going to N City tomorrow, Song Jia was a little surprised. "Why are you going?"

"It is a celebration for completion of fifty years of Imperial University. A celebration banquet and ball has been organised there, so as the President of Wu Corporations, I have to attend."

"What does the celebration of Imperial University got to do with Wu Corporations?" Song Jia was a little confused.

"It was established by my grandfather." Wu Zhang said smiling.

"Really?" Song Jia was surprised.

Imperial University was a top graded university in N City and was known for its excellent education quality. It only took 25 new admissions for each batch every year and therefore competition to get admission into the university was really tough. But because the professionals, it has produced have all achieved great heights in their careers, students never stopped aspiring to take admission into it. But it was an autonomous institute which never worked for profits, therefore not many people knew that it was established by Old Wu. It was anyways difficult to think that an ace businessman would do something, expecting nothing in return.

"Yes, but their is a problem."

"What is it?"

"I don't have a date to go with..." Wu Zhang hesitated for a moment before he continued, "Since you will also be in N City tomorrow, would you like to accompany me?"

Song Jia went quiet after hearing his request. While Wu Zhang was thinking 'can't you just say yes. You are killing me with this silence.' Of course he didn't say it out loud, but his heart was beating so fast as he waited for her response that it felt like it would almost pop out of his chest.

"Ok" Song Jia nodded her head in agreement. It made Wu Zhang both surprised and delighted at the same time. He did not know if she would agree or not, so he didnt raise his hopes high.

After sometimes, when they finished their dinner, Wu Zhang suggested to drop Song Jia home, and she agreed.

As the car drove inside the Wave Manor, the view stunned even Wu Zhang for a moment. It was a three storey creamish white building sorrounded by water from all sides. There was also an addition of artificial waves added to water, which worked through eletricity, and hence it was named as 'Wave Manor'. To be able to reach to the building, the water was layered under a very thick shatterproof layer of glass. It would give the person walking on it, a feeling of walking on water. It looked like a castle on an island standing amidst water, and gave a very fairy tale like feeling. It was built by an American architect, and took 7 years to be completed. It was not just the water, every little thing in the manor was very thoughtfully built, keeping Song Jia's choices in mind.

Wu Zhang has heard about the manor's exclusive architecture before, but when he saw it in person he could not help praising it, "It looks like a castle from a fairy tale. I heard about it previously, but never thought it would look so beautiful in real."

Song Jia smiled, "My grandfather got it built for me, i have always been very fond of swimming and other water sports, seeing the waves makes me feel relaxed. So he gifted this to me when i turned 18. "

"Why did you retreat from swimming then, you could have become a great swimmer."

"I am the only heiress to this estate, if I chose another career path, who will take care of it? Everything my grandfather has built over these years, would just go to waste." Song Jia spoke with no regret. When she retreated fron swimming, she had no regrets and even today she never repented on her choice. However as Song Jia spoke, he felt in his eyes their was a hurt look, and it suddenly reminded him of how there was no picture of Song Jia with her parents in the report given by Li Jing, so he felt that she did not have a good relation with her family maybe, so to confirm his intuition, he asked again, "So it was all for your grandfather? What about your father? Did he never ask you to help him in business?" after he spoke he looked carefully at her face.

Hearing his question made Song Jia freeze for a moment, but she quickly composed her expression, but it did not miss Wu Zhang's eyes, "it's getting late Wu Zhang, i should be going in first." saying this she stepped out of the car.

'Wu Zhang?'

'Did she just call me Wu Zhang, is it that we are friends now?' Wu Zhang was already in the seventh heavens.
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