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Wu Zihao looked at him and laughed, "With you? I will lose for sure against a drunkard like you." "I wonder who was the drunkard?" Wei Xin spoke remembering old times. "Tonight I will take my revenge against you for the drinking bet that I have lost against you before you left for U.S.A." While he was in China previously, they had once competed at a party and Wei Xin had lost against him. That was the bet she was referring to. "Alright then get to work now." He motioned with his glass towards her to start. Wei Xin picked one for herself and looked at him, "If you loose , you will give me twenty thousand yuan" He stuck out two fingers, stating his condition. *Cough* "Second Young Master Wu, you could have directly told me you wanted me to pay the bill, why rob in the name of a bet?" "So you already know you won't win against me?" He chuckled. "It's good to be prudent, who knows I might loose again." She spoke taking a bite of chicken wings. "I am not filthy rich like you after all." "Alright then, be ready to loose and I won't ask for anything. I am a gentleman after all." He spoke and they both downed their first glasses. She looked at Wu Zihao who has already downed five shots and looked a little drunk, while she was on her third and had no plans of drinking further. She just took small sips as she watched him. He was smiling, and he looked so handsome! "Why ain't you drinking?" He asked after downing his tenth glass and looking very drunk now. His eyes were red and he stumbled over his words, elongating them too. Baiju was a hard drink after all. "I can't drink anymore." She gave up, slamming her glass against the coffee table. "Haha, why did you even ask for the competition then? I won Nerdy Raisin!!." He laughed like a child raising his hands in the air. She just loved this drunk Wu Zihao. He would become so childish and lovable. And to get to see this Wu Zihao once was all she intended to do when she asked to compete. Well there was something else she wanted to do. She for once wanted to confess her love to him. The love that has been buried in her heart for more then ten years. She was scared to be rejected so she took refuge of alcohol. He would not remember anything tomorrow and she will not have to worry about being rejected as well. So she would confess her love to him tonight. "Yes you won." She scooted closer to his armchair and looked lovingly at his face. She lifted her hand to caress his face when he suddenly grabbed it hard by her wrist and looked in her eyes. She flinched in pain. "Only Jin Qingling can touch me and no one else, do you understand?" He then brushed her arm away leaving her dumbfounded. She frowned. Who was Jin Qingling? She suddenly remembered the question she asked him sometimes back and the way his expression turned sour. She was not intending to stick her nose in his matter, but curiosity was a deadly thing and she could not help asking. "Okay I won't touch you. But can I ask something?" She spoke carefully. "Mhm." He nodded. "Who is Jin Qingling?" Maybe because of the affect of alcohol, Wu Zihao blurted out, "The only girl I have ever loved. I still do and have been looking for her for three years. But she has just- just disappeared." A bitter smile spread across his handsome face. Wei Xin felt like a bucket of ice water has been poured over her waking her from her la la land. Her face went blank and she felt like a thousand daggers have been forced through her heart. He- he loves someone.
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