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Wei Xin checked out herself for the one last time in her front camera before heading out. She wasn't really very satisfied with how she looked right now and scolded herself internally for not going home early, that way she could have changed into something better rather than this formal grey suit she was wearing right now. She shook her head slightly to focus and stepped out the building to spot a black Bugatti Chiron standing near the entrance, with Wu Zihao leaning against it. She went closer to the car after putting on her best smile and trying to sound not too excited, "Hey, Why are you standing out in the cold?" Even with the thick windcheater that she has donned on over her suit, she felt slightly cold where as Wu Zihao was wearing just a thin cotton shirt under a not so very warm leather jacket and yet he looked unfazed by the cold. Wu Zihao turned to her hearing her voice and smiled, "Because I am not as delicate as you Nerdy Raisin." Wei Xin could not help chuckling hearing the name. Even though she didn't like the name, she stopped objecting after she heard from someone that a person gives nicknames only to those they are close with. So does this mean that Wu Zihao also found her... special? Even if not as lovers, she was fine to be 'someone' in his life and therefore this name always made her happy. "I wonder who got sick in high school just by getting stuck in a small drizzle. Sick as in FEVER SICK." Wei Xin joked. "Nerdy Raisin, I was a sensitive child back then, hmmph." He harrumphed and then pinched her nose softly shaking it, "You should not speak of such things now, I am a grown up and strong man." He spoke sincerely slapping his chest. He then turned towards the car and opened the door to the shotgun seat, waiting for her to get inside. Wei Xin felt her heart growing bigger due to happiness. He was being so gentlemanly!! She smiled and happily climbed in. When Wu Zihao didn't see, she slightly touched the tip of her nose where he has pinched to feel his touch and a silly smile spread across her small face. Wu Zihao who was outside walked across the bonnet in long strides to hop in at last. Wei Xin immediately schooled back her features just in time to hide it from Wu Zihao, but the happiness in her heart was not getting contented. Inside the car Wu Zihao would make some small jokes here and there and Wei Xin laughed. She could not ask for more. She was very happy. He finally drove to a super expensive club, and took her to a private room. A side of the wall in the room, that was facing the dance floor in the middle was made of one-way mirror, allowing the people inside to view outside but the ones outside could not see inside. Only after they got seated did Wei Xin finally believe that it was just the two of them and no one else to disturb. Wu Zihao sat on the couch perpendicular to hers and asked for her order. "I will have baiju." "Wu Zihao then turned to the wait staff and added a multiple other drinks and side dishes along with her order before he left. "So, how have you been all these years?" Wu Zihao asked looking in her eyes, making her heart thump. He looked so charming that she just couldn't get her eyes off him. "I- I have been good. Life has been smooth. What about you? How was The States?" "Very burdensome. Had too much work. So now I am on vacation mode for a few months." Wu Zihao laid back against the back rest casually while Wei Xin looked little too conscious of herself. She didn't want to make a single wrong move tonight. This was her one and only chance to spend time alone with Wu Zihao and she didn't want to mess it up. "But why did you go in the first place?" She asked casually but was surprised to see the small change of expression in his eyes which also returned back to normal instantly. Just with his look she knew he was hiding something. So there was a story! "Ah, just for work. Of course." She knew he was lying but didn't probe further and changed the topic. They were still chatting when the waiter brought their order. It contained multiple glasses of maotai for both of them. "Are we drinking all that?" She was surprised to see around twenty shot glasses. "Yes Girl! It's for us." And before Wei Xin could react Wu Zihao picked a glss and swirled it. Hey wait, she stopped him "Do you want to compete?"
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