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Because it was cold outside, Wei Xin decided to wait in the reception area, which was very dimly lit and empty now since it was past the working hours. She sat on the large leather couch and fidgeted her fingers because she could not help feeling nervous. Only a minute has passed when she pulled out her phone from her bag and turned on it's front camera. She felt thankful to herself that she decided to check her appearance, because to her she looked too simple to meet Wu Zihao. Her shoulder length sleek hair, tucked behind her ears was hanging loosely on her either shoulders, slightly touching her shirt, exposing her dull and next to no-make up face. She pushed her spectacles back on the bridge of her nose to look more clearly after she ran her fingers through her hair and let them fall on her forehead. She then rummaged through her bag to find a lipstick that could replace her nude shade which she has applied in the morning like usual to come to work. But unfortunately it was Wei Xin, the nerd we were talking about and as expected of her she had only the nude shade in her bag. She sighed and felt like she needed to buy some more make-up and this time in livelier shades. But it still didn't solve her problem, because she needed it NOW, it was a state of emergency. She checked her watch to realise she still had some time before Wu Zihao would arrive and immediately ran inside to see if there was still any female employee inside, from whom she might borrow a lipstick. Lucky this time she found one, "Yu Juan, umm... do you by any chance have... a... lipstick?" Wei Xin felt a little awkward asking this because the entire office knew, she was the girl that used the minimal makeup. Moreover she was Song Jia's assistant, giving her a place directly below Song Jia where her words equalled to the words from Song Jia. Being at such a high position and borrowing lipstick from a part time employee made her feel a little hesitant. Yu Juan immediately smiled and pulled out a small pouch from her handbag. Wei Xin's mouth opened wide when she turned the pouch upside down on her desk, bringing out almost ten lipsticks and various other cosmetics Wei Xin had no clue about. "You can take whichever shade you like." Yu Juan gave a big smile. Well it was not Yu Juan's fault, she was a girl who loved to wear makeup and dress up in weird clothes. If not for the reason that Song International Corporation had strict dress codes and employees were all compelled to wear only formals, her dress would have included all shades of a rainbow. Wei Xin rubbed her forehead and opened a lipstick to see the shade and it turned out to be.. fuchsia purple. Not at all Wei Xin's style!! Wei Xin immediately put it back and picked another one. She frowned, it seemed like asking this girl for the lipstick was a mistake because now it was a bright orange almost a shade of neon. "Do you by any chance have.. something a little normal?" "Normal? What is wrong with these?" Yu Juan didn't understand Wei Xin's definition of normal, because for her this was normal. "I mean something less flashy maybe?" Wei Xin asked slowly. "Ah! you can try this." She pulled out another small pouch from her bag and Wei Xin's frown deepened. Did she come here for a fashion parade or to work? Yu Juan rummaged through her bag and passed a lipstick with transparent cap. Wei Xin opened it to see a crimson shade of red. If she blended it nicely it will not look that bright, right? Well this was the simplest she could get from a rainbow lover so she smiled and thanked her before borrowing the lipstick. She used the front camera of her phone again to apply the lipstick and to Wei Xin's amazement, the colour looked nice on her fair skin. She thanked Yu Juan again and returned her lipstick before going back to the reception. Now that she was alone again, she realised what she has done right now was so not her. She smiled foolishly as she thought to herself about what love can make people do. It was because she was going to meet her first love and because it was probably the first time they would go out with just the two of them she could not help feeling conscious. Even if they could not get together looking good would do no harm, right? She was in her own thoughts when her phone rang again and she saw it was Wu Zihao. She immediately answered to hear his sexy voice saying, "I have reached, come out." Wei Xin's heart beat faster and she started feeling hot all of a sudden in the centralised air conditioned reception area. No matter how much she wanted to distance herself from Wu Zihao to not to get hurt in the end, she would still never miss this possibly only chance she has got to go out with just him. Where he would be all for her, all his attention would be on her. She puffed out some air from her mouth and dabbed her face with her handkerchief to wipe her forehead out of nervousness. He has finally come!!
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