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A slight frown appeared on Wu Zhang's face upon seeing her wallpaper, but he immediately schooled back his features. At first he thought he didn't see it right and could not help thinking as to why would any of them have Song Jia's photo as their wallpaper? It was... weird!! Before he could peep the second time to confirm, the screen timed out and turned dark again. The Long siblings were talking to each other about something so they didn't notice Wu Zhang's reaction. After the dinner got over and they signed the deal, Wu Zhang left with Li Jing and the Long siblings too went their own way. But before leaving he wanted to check whose phone it was, so he waited for Longs to leave first. But unfortunately, Long Jinhai picked up both the phones kept on the table and gave them to his sister, "Keep them with you." From the situation it was difficult to tell which phone belonged to whom as Long Jinhai picked both, leaving the situation unclear. And of course it was not appropriate to ask directly. ---- "Investigate the siblings again and do it very thoroughly this time. Make sure to check if they have any connection with Song Jia." Wu Zhang ordered Li Jing as soon as they got inside his bentley that was waiting for them. Li Jing who has not seen the wallpaper frowned, he could not understand the reason as to why Wu Zhang would want him to investigate their relation with Miss Song Jia. And where exactly did this thought come from? After summoning a little more courage, he finally asked, "Boss, may I ask why do you want this to be investigated?" "One of their phones had her wallpaper." Wu Zhang didn't tell Li Jing the details, but it was not hard for him to guess what he meant. As per his investigation on Song Jia that he has done on his boss' order when Wu Zhang first met Song Jia, he had already found out that Song Jia didn't have a lot of people in C City she shared any close bond with, as she was not a very social person. And at the least not at all close enough for them to use her picture as their wallpaper, and whatever few close acquaintances and friends she had, Longs were definitely not one of them. Li Jing nodded his head in understanding, "I will find out as soon as possible." "I want the answers by noon tomorrow." When it came to something related to Song Jia, Wu Zhang would never be rest assured until he had even the least bit of doubts still lingering in his head. --- After Song Jia left, Wei Xin's workload has doubled. She had been working hard in the company and today was no exception. She was leaving the company when her phone rang. She was a little surprised to see the caller, because it was very unexpected. It was Wu Zihao. She felt her heart beat increasing and unbeknownst to her, she felt nervous. Every time this person was mentioned, her heart would start hammering in her chest, ready to pop out any minute. She hesitantly answered the call, "Hello." Surprisingly even her voice felt different. Like it has become softer. "Hey, are you free right now?" Came the ever-so-enthusiastic voice of Wu Zihao from the other end, making Wei Xin smile, without her realising. "Yes I am." She didn't even think before she answered, because she was not free. She had a lot of work to finish and the work load was so heavy that she had to take it home too. "Care to go out with me for a drink?" Wu Zihao who was oblivious to Wei Xin's feeling towards him asked casually. He was slightly bored and was looking for someone to hang out with. Wei Xin felt a lump in her throat. She had a conflict inside her. A voice was telling her to reject the offer because it would do her no good to get close to him, while the other was the most enthusiastic and nervous, commanding her to accept and go. But before she could process it more, true to the human nature to be carried away by temptations, Wei Xin agreed. "Where do you want to go?" However she immediately felt a hint of regret, for agreeing so easily. "It's a new club. Tell me where are you? I will come and pick you up." He offered to pick her up?? How amazing would that be. "I am leaving from Song International Corporation." "Alright wait for me." Wu Zihao and was about to hang up once Wei Xin agreed. However she could not help asking, "Is it just us?" Her voice could not hide the excitement and she felt like kicking and beating herself up for showing it. "Yes Girl." Wu Zihao chuckled as he answered.
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