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The meeting went on for almost up to half past three before it ended. Wu Zhang returned to his office and sat on his swivel chair placed against his big dalbergia desk that contained a huge stack of documents awaiting his signatures. He rummaged through the files and pulled out the file of Aroma that he has read halfway earlier.

A few minutes later Li Jing entered, "President, it is almost time, shall we leave?" He was referring to the meeting at dinner with Long Jinhai.

"Did you get the information I asked you to?"

"Yes." Li Jing extended his hand holding a file and placed it on Wu Zhang's desk. "It has all the information on Aroma you asked for."

The higher your position is, the more cautious you need to be. Being at the pinnacle of the corporate world, Wu Zhang did the same. He never collaborated with anyone without doing a thorough background check on them, no matter how well the other party was doing. After all you never know what skeletons one is hiding inside their closets.

Aroma was a recently incorporated company by a very young entrepreneur Long Jinhai. He was almost the same age as Wu Zhang and was doing really well in his business. While Wu Zhang has taken over a well established business and expanded it, Long Jinhai the CEO of Aroma, along with his sister has started from scratch. Due to the great performance of Aroma, they had recently entered the socialite circle and have become quite popular. Even though some people looked down on Longs because they were not rich to begin with and had recently acquired all the wealth, the businessman all deep down praised the hard work Long siblings have put in the company to bring it to such great heights that they were able to catch Wu Zhang's interest in mere two years leaving many big shot business tycoons behind.

Aroma has become one of the major suppliers of aromatic oils that were required in perfume making and was currently doing well in the domestic market. As soon as the news has spread that the Wu Corporations was planning to penetrate the perfume market, a lot of other companies have tried to gain the Wu's attention in order to be able to collaborate with them and Aroma was no exception.

Wu Corporations was looking for the finest of aromatic oils for a luxury range of perfumes that they will be releasing in the international markets along with the domestic ones as their first batch of perfumes. However none of the companies' ingredients have till now satisfied Wu Zhang's expectation and he was thinking to get them supplied from abroad. However after making a lot of efforts Long Jinhai finally convinced him to meet, where he was planning to show the quality of his finest aromatic oils to Wu Zhang.

After going through the file, Wu Zhang left in his bentley to the french restaurant booked by Long Jinhai. Being the punctual man he was, he reached there at dot seven which was somewhat unexpected by Long Jinhai and his sister Long Xiuping.

Even though Wu Zhang entered the room only with his assistant Li Jing, he still had the king like majestic aura around him, making Long Jinhai slightly nervous.

After the pleasantries were exchanged, they talked business.

"President Wu, we have the finest aromatic oils you can find for your perfume range." Long Xiuping, the chairwoman of Aroma spoke and then signalled her younger brother to pass on a few samples to him. Long Jinhai complied and passed two bottles of Frankincese oil and rose petal oil each.

Wu Zhang took the bottles and inhaled the smell, and his eyes immediately shone bright. This was exactly what he was looking for!

"President Wu all of the raw ingredients for the oils are personally taken care of by my sister and I. We make sure to choose the finest quality of plants to extract the oil." Long Jinhai spoke with a hint of smile on his lips after watching the pleased expression on Wu Zhang's face. "And I can see that you like our oils. Am I right?"

Wu Zhang chuckled, "You are indeed quite observant Mr. Long." Wu Zhang indirectly answered his question in an affirmative.

"So shall we consider this a deal?" Long Xiuping asked while sipping the red wine from her flute.

"Indeed." Wu Zhang nodded his head. They clinked their glasses and continued with their meals while talking about other aspects of their collaboration.

While they were talking, a phone placed between Long Jinhai and Long Xiuping beeped, and the screen turned on. Wu Zhang's eyes coincidentally fell on the screen and the wallpaper in the phone surprised him.

It was..... Song Jia's wallpaper?! What the heck!!
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