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While Song Jia was gone for her 'important business trip', Wu Zhang busied himself with work. He spent most of his time at the company working hard. Right now he was looking at a business proposal sent by a perfume company 'Aroma', the market he was planning to penetrate. Li Jing knocked the door of his office and came in. "President, the assistant of Aroma's CEO just called, he wants to know if you have confirmed the meeting at lunch for today." The meeting with Long Jinhai, CEO of Aroma was supposed to happen long back, but due to Wu Zhang's busy schedule he could not give them his time. Long Jinhai had made a lot of efforts to get a date for meeting at today's lunch. However they were still not given any confirmation yet and because the person in question was Wu Zhang all they could do was ask again and again. After all it was Wu Corporations, the leading business empire in the country they were talking about, whom a few companies were willing to wait even for an entire decade to collaborate with, so this was at least just a few months.

"What's on my itinerary for today?" Wu Zhang leaned back on his chair and flipped the file in front of him close.

"You have a meeting with the executives at twelve which might take three to four hours and your schedule after the meeting can be pushed later, if you want. We have nothing very important."

"Alright. Confirm the meeting with them for 7 pm sharp." Li Jing nodded and left to confirm the meeting with CEO Long.

The meeting with the executives was long and Wu Zhang sat at the head seat looking like a devil straight from hell. Everyone present was fully focused and no one dared to even breath loudly, afraid that they might be the next to face their boss' wrath, much less making any movement.

The executive director of sales, that was reporting the working of his department was sweating profusely and looked like he might slump down any time due to the piercing gaze Wu Zhang had on him.

"The turnover for this quarter has reached one hundred and fifty percent. Our department is planning to set the target to one hundred and forty percent for the next quarter." He pulled out a handkerchief from his trouser's pocket and wiped the sweat beads that got collected on his forehead. "The department is-"

"Why do we have to reduce the target set? And would you care to elaborate why couldn't we achieve the target for this quarter which was supposed to be one hundred and sixty percent?" Wu Zhang was in general an easy going person but when it came to business he could even leave behind King Yan[1] in terms of scariness.

"That.. " Before the executive director could speak further, Wu Zhang's phone beeped. He looked down and it was a message from Song Jia. The demonic look on his face immediately disappeared and was replaced by a small smile that lingered on his lips throughout the time he was looking in to his phone. When he swiped his phone unlock, It was a simple message from her saying, 'I miss you', but it made his day. He was also missing her and wanted to run to her right then and there. He picked up his phone to reply to her text as he waved his hand to the executive director to continue.

Every person felt their jaw dropping to the floor. They had never seen their president texting during the meetings. The last time they saw him distracted and smiling was when Song Jia invited him to dine together, and the second time was today. But unfortunately no one knew the reason of his behaviour from both times. A few higher-ups had seen Song Jia along with Wu Zhang at his grandmother's birthday but they didn't pay it any heed since he was often seen with different women during parties none of which held any importance in Wu Zhang's life.

Now came the million dollar question: Whose text could make the demonic president smile?!

Wu Zhang has sent her a 'I miss you to the moon and back'. It was a cheesy line he has heard from Wu Zihao who liked speaking non sense with his brother all the time. He often used it when he was in The U.S.A needed something from his brother. Wu Zhang always found it stupid and nonsensical but now that he sent it to Song Jia, he felt it had such a wonderful meaning. [A/N: ML is getting crazy in love, finding such cheesy line wonderful.]

The executive director reporting felt a breath of fresh air all of a sudden when he saw his president smiling and thought he could escape his fury since Wu Zhang seemed to have switched to a better mood all of a sudden. He didn't care whomsoever he was texting to but he still thanked that person for texting their president and bringing him to a better mood. He unknowingly thanked Song Jia multiple times and continued reporting.

"Sir, the assistant manager of the department had taken a long leave in this quarter without informing in advance due to which the work load for other employees increased. We worked hard but the target could not be achieved due to his absence." The director told the reason truthfully.

Wu Zhang had finished texting by now and kept his phone aside, he tilted his head towards Li Jing, who was standing behind him throughout the meeting, "Prepare the termination letter for the assistant manager" he then turned back to the director of sales, "You have ten days to achieve the target, I don't care how you do it because it is your fault that you didn't report such slacking employee sooner and neither did you take any action against him. So achieve the set target within the deadline or you can retire along with him happily." Wu Zhang stood up from his swivel chair and left after buttoning his coat.

The employees seated in the meeting room all heaved a sigh of relief except for the director of sales, he could see his termination letter on his desk already.

It seemed like the president's good mood was only for the person he was texting to, and the rest were all just same for him, IRRELEVANT.
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