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Song Jia went towards her car in the parking lot, fighting back the tears threatening to fall from her eyes. She was disappointed, highly disappointed!!

Only she knew how much she had wanted to mend her ways back to her father and how much she has craved for his love. To hug him and tell him that she missed him too much. To let go of all the worries for once in his arm and feel safe like every child did with their parents. But she could not bear the fact that her father chose his wife over her for the second time. He prioritised his wife over her not just once but twice. Twice!!

The person that made them grow to such lengths apart that they could never come back was still his top priority. Only she knew that she never meant what she asked. All she wanted to see was, the extent of his willingness to mend their bond. She wanted to see to what lengths he was willing to go to get her back. And to her utter disappointment she didn't see what she wanted to see even though she has somewhat expected this answer. Yet she could not help feeling dejected.

She got into the driver's seat and threw her head back to lean against the head rest. She stopped fighting her tears and let them travel down her face freely. She knew he was genuine with his apology, because she had noticed his small actions of trying to talk to her every now and then. But he shouldn't have come of he was not sincere enough, and she didn't want to accept him back to be stepped all over again by his wife who will go to any length and take any measure to pull them apart again. And specially after knowing that if the time came to choose, his choice will always be his wife, She was not ready to go through that pain again of loosing him, which due to his wife was inevitable. She just could not afford being discarded again.

She regretted agreeing to meet him in the first place. If she didn't come, she wouldn't have had to deal with this pain again. The pain of not being chosen by your own father was too pierce to bear. It made her feel suffocated.

She rolled down the window to let some fresh air get inside after driving out of the parking lot and halting outside a small supermarket. She went inside and bought a pack of cigarettes and lighter and came back in her car. She was juggling with the box in her hand as her mind debated over if she should smoke or not. She has quit smoking for some time but today she felt the urge to do it again.

Things have been really hard for her in the past few months and she didn't know how to handle them anymore. She has tried hard to remain strong but she was breaking inside now. Life has been really harsh on her and the realities of her life was heartbreaking. She lost everyone she was close to. Starting from her mother to her father to Feng Ying to Nanny Lin and coming back to her father again. The losses were too much to take. If it was possible she would have run away from everything and everyone. She flicked open the pack and pulled out a stick and inhaled it's scent. The smell of tobacco was intoxicating. She inhaled a few times and with every inhale, the urge to give in to her temptation grew stronger.

When she had finally decided to give in to her urged, her phone beeped. It was a notification for a multimedia text.


At the Wu Mansion, after Song Jia had left Wu Zhang went to check on the kids. He sighed when he saw them playing so happily with Wu Zihao in the garden. Lin Mei was arranging things in her little doll house that Wu Zihao has bought for her, and Lin Fang was struggling in familiarising himself with the functioning of the remote control for the car he received from Wu Zihao. Wu Zihao the third child on the other hand was juggling between the two children. He would for once teach Lin Fang the functioning of the car when Lin Mei would call him to ask for his suggestions on the decorations of her doll house. He would then jump over to her and give her some weird ideas which she would roll her eyes to and yet she would still call him. For instance he suggested her to place the extra bed in the kitchen instead of the guestroom, so that her doll could comfortably sit over and eat when she would feel hungry. Very much expected from a foodie like him.

Wu Zhang felt like face palming on his brother's weird ideas before he walked over to the children. He tapped Lin Mei on her shoulder before picking her in his arm. "It's time to eat, let's go."

"I want to play more." Mei Mei pouted.

Mingli was working nearby when he saw his elder young master pampering the little girl. He had never imagined that one day a woman would impact his master so much that he would be willing to even play with children whom he found so bothersome, just so that he could fit into Song Jia's world better.

Mingli immediately pulled out his phone and took a few pictures of all the four people, laughing and chatting happily together.

Wu Zhang took the kids to the dinning area and helped them on their seats. Lin Fang was organised and well mannered while Lin Mei was very clumsy. She has not yet learned to handle chopsticks properly and would often just eat with her hands. Wu Zhang laughed and then picked a pair of chopsticks to feed her very patiently. Mingli was silently clicking pictures from a corner where no one could notice.

When everything was done, he sent the pictures to Song Jia.


Song Jia opened the text that Mingli has sent her. Her heart melted when she saw the pictures and a smile cracked on her lips.

It was only after she saw the pictures she realised that she still had people who cared for her and whom she cared for. She looked at the stick of cigarette in her hand before throwing it out of her car and driving to the airport.
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