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Wu Zhang sucked her earlobe softly, making Song Jia shudder. She felt really embarrassed when she could not control her moan. Wu Zhang smiled even more when she struggled in his arm to escape, but his grip was too strong for her and she could not succeed. He slyly slid his hand in her hair to pull it back, getting a better access to her jaw line. His fingers traced her smooth jawline, caressing it softly like feather, making her part her lips which felt dry. He took his mouth closer and licked it. Song Jia had given up by now because she was long lost in the moment to think rationally. While his thumb rubbed her plump lips, he planted soft kisses from her jawline to her cheekbones, ending behind her ear before returning back to her jaw and moving to her neck. His wet kisses and hard sucking on her neck earned him another sensual moan from her, making him hard down south. He pulled her closer as if wanting to eradicate any gap between them and then out of nowhere bit her neck. Song Jia groaned in pain and clutched his shirt hard, crumpling it and her eyes went open.

Her gaze fell on Mingli and a maid who were a little far away from them, but were coming in their direction. They have not yet spotted them and Song Jia didn't want to either. She hurriedly and with much more force this time pushed Wu Zhang back.

"Ahem!" She cleared her throat to hide her embarrassment before she continued, "Uncle Mingli is coming in our direction and not forget the children are nearby." She adjusted her clothes and smoothened her hair hurriedly.

Wu Zhang who was originally disappointed for being pushed away now chuckled seeing her so flushed. Song Jia saw the opportunity and immediately ran towards her ferrari like a kitten who has just escaped the claws of her predator afraid to be caught again.

Song Jia reached the address of the restaurant that Song Chen has texted her and she was quite surprised to know that it was indeed the restaurant she frequented the most these days. She parked her car and just checked her appearance in the rearview mirror once. When she looked closer she realised she had a hickey on her neck. Damn!! This is too embarrassing to go and meet your father with a hickey. She looked around to search for some compact to hide the mark and luckily found one. She applied it and hurried inside as she was already late by more then half an hour. Thanks to Wu Zhang. Huh!!

She went inside only to realise her heart was palpitating fast. She was nervous. She took a few deep breaths and went to the room booked by Song Chen escorted by a wait staff.

Song Chen was already waiting inside looking quite nervous. He was nervous to the extent his forehead was covered with sweat that he kept wiping with his handkerchief every now and then.

Song Jia took the seat opposite him and waited quietly for him to start speaking after she apologised for being late. Song Chen downed a glass of water in one breath before he opened his mouth to talk.

"Thank you for coming Xiao Jia. I at first thought you won't be coming."

"I was stuck with something." Song Jia's words were stiff.

"That is no issue." Song Chen smiled and the room turned awkwardly silent for sone time. None of them spoke anything until the waiter came in with the food Song Chen has ordered. Before that they would just sneak a glance at each other after small intervals, fidgeting with their fingers. Song Jia has learnt this habit from Wu Zhang when she was small. She would see him fidgeting his fingers when would not know what to speak. Song Jia started doing the same because she found it fun to do and slowly it became a habit.

Song Jia glanced at the food, being served while Song Chen looked at her, slightly nervous. It had chicken dumplings, sweet and sour pork ribs, slow roasted steak, deep fired chicken wings, Cantonese seafood soup and a lot of other dishes. Song Jia frowned, she couldn't help wondering how did he know all of her favourites.

"I ordered food of your liking. I hope you like it."

She finally started feeling frustrated. Why was he acting so nice all of a sudden? She wanted to get to the point. "Why did you call me? Is there something you want to talk about?"

"Yes, but we should eat first. Hunger makes you angry. So eat." And without answering her question, he filled her plate with a little bit of everything.

Song Jia sighed and picked up the chopsticks to eat silently. Now that hunger was mentioned, she realised she was actually very hungry right now. Her stomach was slightly grumbling too.


Being a pure vegetarian it's difficult to know about non vegetarian food items. Especially chinese food item which consists mainly of non-veg dishes. So all I do is google to write a few names. I might be wrong with the combination I have chosen even though I do a bit of research on my part before posting. If it is so, please pardon me.

And also I am sorry for being late. We have a party at home on saturday and we are all very busy in the preparations. And not to forget, we soon have holi (an Indian festival) and to celebrate it, I have come back home to my parents. So I don't get much time to write or do the editing here. I will try to get back to the pace asap. I also have my classes and have to study along with so it's a bit difficult to manage everything. I hope you understand.

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