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Song Jia frowned seeing the caller. It was Song Chen. Why was he calling?

She was debating if she should take the call or not and heaved a sigh of relief when it got ended on it's own. She probably took too much time to think. She got up from the bed and decided to head to the kitchen. She was feeling hungry and it was almost lunch time. She has hardly taken a few steps when her phone rang again. She checked the caller id and it was the same person. Must be something urgent, she thought to herself and this time answered it just after two rings.

"Hello." It was a hesitant voice at the other end. Or to be precise nervous.

"Yes Mr. Song..." Hearing her father's hesitant voice she felt at a loss for words. She was not sure what else to say.

"Xiao Jia.." Silence.

"Yes.." She waited patiently. She never snapped at him and was always polite, but her tone was more of a formal one then familial one.

"I was wondering if you would like to go out for lunch with me?" The last three words were almost like a whisper, very hard to hear. Because Song Jia held the phone close to her ears she heard it but she wasn't sure if it was right and almost froze, blood drained from her face.


"Yes." He was very hesitant, if Song Jia would have been present in front of him in person she would have known how his forehead has broken in sweat. Out of nervousness he added without even knowing, "It's alright if you are busy. I won't mind."

"You want to eat with me?" She could not believe her ears.

"Yeah, if it's okay with you." He crossed his fingers hoping for an affirmation although he had no hope she will agree. When the other end was silent for more then usual time, he continued, "I have made a reservation at your favourite restaurant for us."

Song Jia felt herself tearing up. She has waited so long for this day to come but it never came. And when it did, she has already stopped waiting. After loosing all hopes of being called back from her aunt's house in The U.S. she has shunned out her father from her life. She wasn't sure if she wanted to go or not. But a voice inside her was shouting to say yes, she wanted to know why he would ask her out.

After a long pause, she finally found her voice, "Alright I will be there in an hour."

"It's alright if you don't- Wait! What?! You will come?" He could not contain his happiness anymore.

"You don't want me to?" Song Jia frowned.

"No! No! I obviously want. I just was not expecting. Haha. Alright I will hang up now and I will be on time." He didn't know what he was blabbering. He of course was allowed to be a little late since it was not a business meeting but he was too happy to think about it.

Song Jia hung up finally. She took a long breath and then exhaled loudly. Her heart was palpitating so loudly that if felt it would jump out from her chest. What was this feeling? She was feeling unnerved.

Because she has already agreed, she decided to go. She went to the flower garden in the front where Lin Mei and Lin Fang had gone to play with Wu Zihao. She saw three heads in a row leaned forward and focused on something in the front, while the sound of their laughter was echoing in the quiet garden along with the pattering sound of water coming from an artificial waterfall built nearby.

She smiled seeing the children finally feeling comfortable and happy. It was not like Wu Zhang didn't care for them, but he had no experience in dealing with the children so everything he did felt a little awkward and stiff. And his usually expressionless attitude made the kids scurry away from him often.

Song Jia didn't want to disturb them, so she smiled and then headed to the garage. On her way she ran into Wu Zhang who has just returned from some business meeting to take Song Jia to the airport even though she didn't ask him to. He was wearing a chocolate brown three-piece suit. His neatly combed back brown hair looked slightly disheveled right now due to the breeze in the garden. A short bang that had fallen on his forehead made him look even sexier. He has not yet noticed Song Jia and was undoing the top two buttons of his shirt, while looking at something in his phone. Song Jia noticed him unbuttoning his shirt and found her lips going dry all of a sudden. For some reason the Wu Zhang in front of her right now, with top button undone, brown hair disheveled flying in air and busy in his phone, his work mode on made her forget her to blink her eyes and she stared at him like an idiot.

Wu Zhang felt her gaze on him and lifted his head to look back at her. A smile broke on his face seeing her ogling him. Only after he smiled, did Song Jia snapped out of her daze and embarrassingly looked away, her face turning red. To prevent him from commenting something to embarrass her more, she asked "Why are you here?" It was barely lunch time and Wu Zhang was supposed to be at the company, not home. He was a very busy person who barely had any time even for himself. But he would still make sure to spend some time with Song Jia and the two new additions in the family everyday. Only after Song Jia moved in to his mansion she realised how busy he always was and even then he would always make sure to spend time with her.

"I came to see you to the airport." Wu Zhang answered as a matter-of-fact.

"I- I am going somewhere else now. And later I will ask Wei Xin to drop me."

Wu Zhang pulled her in his embrace and hugged her tightly out of nowhere surprising her. He then took his face near her ear and spoke very softly yet very seductively, "You don't have to feel shy for feasting your eyes over my body."

Song Jia's ears turned red hearing his words, but before she could speak anything, Wu Zhang sucked her earlobes, earning a moan from her.
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