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As soon as Wu Zhang dispersed the meeting, he went straight to his office which had a room attached to it. Even though the room was big like the ones in his mansion, it was still very cozy and relaxing. It had all the basic necessities of Wu Zhang in it. When a lot of work would get piled up and Wu Zhang would have to work late, he would stay back and sleep in the room. He went to the room and ordered Li Jing to bring over the best stylist from C City to get his suit for the dinner ready. Soon after 5 stylists appeared in the office. After 3 hours of rigourous trial and change, Wu Zhang finally settled for a Giorgio Armani deep blue custom made suit, that settled on his body perfectly. Although Wu Zhang was satisfied with the result, the stylists were breaking down in cold sweat. They had brought the best pieces they could come up with, but Wu Zhang still took three hours to finally settle on one. Even though they were so pissed off, they did not dare to even show it on their faces. Even if they had seven lifetimes worth of guts, they would still not show their annoyance, even in their eyes. So all they could do was nod co operatively.

At 6 pm sharp, a black Maserati entered the gates of Song Headquarters building, and soon after, Song Jia appeared from the gates of the building. She was wearing a deep blue Dolce & Gabbana long dress. It was a deep neck sleeveless dress with a slit in the front, flaunting her fair long legs, while her hairs were left open and she had put on minimal makeup. Yet she looked very beautiful.

As Song Jia got in the car, Wu Zhang noticed that the colour of their clothes was same and he let out a gentle laugh. Song Jia has by this time also noticed the colour similarity and she giggled. Wu Zhang could not prevent hims himself from getting mesmerised by her all over again.

"How are you feeling now miss Song?"

"I am fine Mr. Wu. You took good care of me." Song Jia replied smiling.

After driving for over fifty minutes, they soon arrived at The Grand Palace and headed to the private room booked for them. After they placed the order, Wu Zhang spoke "By the way Miss Song I must say, you look really pretty"

Song Jia smiled modestly before responding "You are no less Mr. Wu. If you were a girl, I would be very jealous of you"

Wu Zhang chuckled hearing her response, "Since you find me so attractive, then in that case you can date me to make other woman feel jealous." Although he was joking, deep down he wanted it to happen in real.

"Mr. Wu sure has a good sense of humour." the conversation between them went on effortlessly. They were very comfortable with each other, throughout the entire dinner, the only distant thing between them was the way they addressed each other, and Wu Zhang did not like it. So he finally decided to put an end to it, "Miss Song, since we are now acquaintances and might also become good friends, why don't we stop being so formal with the way we address each other"

Song Jia was sipping on her wine as she said "You are offering to end the formality by addressing me so formally, that is interesting." she chuckled.

Wu Zhang also laughed and was about to say something when Song Jia's phone started ringing. As she excused herself to pick it, her expression started getting tensed. Wu Zhang could sense something was not right. "Help me book the earliest possible flight for tomorrow." with this, she hung up.

As she hung up, Wu Zhang could not help but ask, "Is everything ok?"

"Yeah, the director of one of our subsidiaries has gotten into a major accident, and is undergoing a surgery. Since he was there for company's work, it is only right for me to go and pay him a visit. So I will have to fly over to N City tomorrow." Even though Song Jia was very stern for the work, she was equally considerate towards the problem of her employees. That was one of the major reasons, Song International Corporations was flourishing with every passing day.

"Oh, what a co incidence, I am also going to N City tomorrow." Wu Zhang said surprised.
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