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"Big sister don't go." Lin Mei was on the brink of crying again when she heard Song Jia was going out of the town for some important business matter to attend to. She was clutching the hem of her blazer tightly, reluctant to let go.

She was a very cheerful yet a sensitive girl to begin with. And after witnessing the death of her grandparents few days back that has taken a toll on her, she has stopped talking almost completely. Whatever little she spoke was only when it was important to talk otherwise she would not utter a single word. Lin Fang on the other hand was a smart kid, smarter then kids his age and learnt things quickly. Even though he was not very talkative but he was smart enough to understand the situation at present. He knew they were at someone else's place and should not cause trouble for any of the people here. So he held his sister's hand and asked her to let Song Jia go.

"It's alright Mei Mei, big sister will come back soon. Don't cry." Even though he himself didn't want Song Jia to go, he would never show it on his face.

Song Jia looked at the two children and then sat on the edge of the bed. She lifted Mei Mei and placed her on her lap, and pulled Lin Fang closer. "Mei Mei, don't be sad my sweet little girl. Your big sister will be back very soon. And you have uncle Zhang here as well as uncle Mingli, you can play with them. They are nice people."

"Don't go." Big fat drop of tear rolled down her eyes and to cover it, she quickly bowed her head so Song Jia won't see it.

Song Jia hugged her gently when someone knocked the door. It was Wu Zihao. He had been living at the old mansion ever since Wu Zhang forced him to eat the burnt steak.

They looked at the door and Song Jia was quite happy to see Wu Zihao who had gained expertise in handling children ever since he was young. He loved children and had come back hurriedly after knowing about the two children's arrival.

"Hey little princess, why are you shedding such big fat tear drops?" Wu Zihao entered removing his sunglasses and revealing his handsome face.

Mei Mei blinked her eyes and instantly developed a liking for Wu Zihao because he seemed very friendly and approachable, stark contrast to his brother.

Song Jia heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Wu Zihao. She had to leave in three hours but seeing the girl almost tearing up, she could not bring herself to leave, but now that Wu Zihao was here, she could leave them without worrying.

Mei Mei turned to Song Jia as if seeking her permission to talk to Wu Zihao, and when Song Jia nodded her head, she asked, "Who is this uncle?"

"He is uncle Wu Zihao, your uncle Wu Zhang's younger brother."

Wu Zihao rubbed little girl's head before turning to Song Jia, "Are you going somewhere?"

"Yes, I have a business meeting and I have to leave for two days. They are very reluctant to let go."

"Don't worry, I will take care of them. Little princess do you want to play with dolls?"

Mei Mei's eyes lit up hearing dolls, she wanted to say yes but then she noticed her brother who was standing nearby. She thought he was being ignored so she shook her head, "No I am fine." Even though she declined the offer, her eyes clearly showed her yearning.

"Ah, that's bad. I bought so many dolls for you and play stations for your brother. It will all be a waste now." Wu Zihao faked sadness.

"Want!! Want!!" Mei Mei instantly raised her little stubby hands to be picked by Zihao with puppy dog eyes.

Wu Zihao laughed and took her from Song Jia's lap, while he held Lin Fang's hands to take them outside to play. He then said to Song Jia, "Don't worry, I will take care of them."

He knew everything that happened and clearly understood her worries. So he assured her to go without worry.

"Thank you." Song Jia smiled and waved them goodbye. The three immediately went out to the garden to play while Song Jia was still sitting on the bed. She was processing the events that happened on the day of Nanny Lin's death.

She had gone to the Manor the other day to collect some of her stuff that the maids were not allowed to touch. After she collected it, she checked the surveillance of the time period when the cops were interrogating everyone. When she had played the footage of the backyard, she clearly saw that Lin Dong had written something on two pieces of paper, one that was in his hand and the other that he placed in his wife's dress pocket. There was no doubt that the paper the maids gave her was the one written by Lin Dong. She needed to investigate the matter soon.

She was still lost in her trail of thoughts, when her phone rang. She frowned seeing the caller. It was Song Chen. Why was he calling?

Whenever he would have something to say, he would get it conveyed through his assistant and called only when it was really important.
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