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The atmosphere in the dinning room was heavy. Song Jia didn't have the appetite to eat and was just fidgeting her food with her chopsticks. Wu Zhang observed her for some time before finally setting his plate aside. He dragged his chair closer to her and took the chopsticks from her. Song Jia looked at him confused when he silently picked the cut steak and brought it in front of her mouth.

"Not eating will not help darling." He spoke with a cold face but his tone was more like an order to eat.

"I-" before she could finish Wu Zhang stuffed the chopstick in her mouth gently forcing her to eat and left with no other choice, Song Jia had to swallow down the food.

Before she even finished Wu Zhang was ready with another bite. Song Jia held his hand holding the chopstick and pushed it to his mouth and Wu Zhang complied instantly to her wish by eating it obediently.

"Can I ask you something?" Song Jia asked slowly.

"Mm" Wu Zhang nodded before feeding another bite to her.

"Why did you agree to keep the children?"

"Do you want to hear the truth?"


"Truth be told, they don't mean anything to me. For me they are just like any other random children."

Song Jia's face instantly fell hearing it. But what came next warmed her heart. Wu Zhang looked in her eyes before continuing, "But I know they are important to you and because of that I am willing to make them a part of my life. Not just them Jia, everything and every person that holds an important place in your life, I am willing to make them a part of my life, without regrets."

Song Jia felt a gush of warmth surging in her insides. This man always managed to pull the strings of her heart. How can someone not love him? And Song Jia was no exception, it was all about these small little gestures of his that attracted her more and more towards him.

After they finished feeding each other, Wu Zhang showed Song Jia her room. It was next to the children's room so that she could check on them anytime she would want to.

The room was as spacious as it could be and the furniture was all dull and pale along with the walls as well. Wu Zhang didn't prefer very bright colours so most of the rooms in his wing of the mansion were dull and pale. Mingli was considerate enough to prepare two of the most brightest looking rooms for Song Jia and the kids. However the brightest was the brightest shade of cream colour. Wu Zhang knew Song Jia preferred bright and warm colours so he slightly frowned when he saw the room and made a mental note. He looked at her face but it was unfazed.

"So this is your room." Wu Zhang spoke extending his arm and leaning against the door.

"Thank you Zhang. I didn't get to thank you for today. Thanks for everything." She was looking straight in his eyes and gently held his firm big hands in her gentle ones. Her expression was sincere and so was her gratitude. She was genuinely touched by everything he did. It's not always necessary to run around doing things out of the way to please the person you love. Just small gestures of caring and standing by in times of need without questioning or judging is enough to show that you care. You don't always need to give the best advice to show your support or deliver philosophical speeches to console the person, sometimes all you need to do is lend them your shoulder to cry on and hold them firmly to prevent them from slumping when their knees are about to give up. Wu Zhang proved to be that shoulder for Song Jia time and again and she was truly grateful to him. He loved her truly and never demanded her to love him back. All he did was selflessly and exclusively for her without demands.

Wu Zhang pulled her in his embrace and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. "You don't have to thank me. I will always be there for you."

They stayed in the same position for a very long time until Song Jia pulled back. She looked in his eyes and then stood on her tip toes to lock her lips with his. The kiss was very gentle and slow. It was not the outcome of desires but her way of expressing her emotions and gratitude. She wanted to let him know she was sad because of her losses but she was still very happy to have him in her life. Wu Zhang supported her by her waist and pulled her closer eliminating the space between them. He understood her emotions well and responded with equal gentleness. If the movement of her lips were meant to say 'thank you', Wu Zhang's movements were his way of assuring her that he would always be there for her so she had nothing to worry.

The kiss was short yet it expressed a lot of emotions. When they pulled back, Wu Zhang lifted her in his arms and took her to the bed. He laid her gently on the bed and pulled the duvets up to cover her. "Feel at home darling. Sleep well."
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