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Wu Zhang felt dejected hearing her rejection. "Why can't you live with me?"

"I have many reasons." She looked at her lap while answering.

"It's a long drive, I am all ears." He said lazily.

Song Jia took a deep breath before answering, "I don't think it is right..."

Wu Zhang extended his arm and held her chin to lift up her face and made her look in his eyes, "Speak the truth Jia, we both know this is not the real reason."

Song Jia's mouth gaped open, he was indeed correct, this was not the real reason. But. How. Does. He. Know??

Wu Zhang looked unfazed, he just kept observing her reactions without saying anything. His gaze was kind of pressurising her to speak and when she could not take it anymore she decided to finally speak up, "Wu Zhang, I- I want to bring Meimei and Xiao Fang with me. I can't let them live them on their own. They are too young."

Knowing Song Jia's nature Wu Zhang didn't look surprised. He was expecting this from her, and a smile broke on his face, "You want to take them along with you?"

Song Jia hesitated at first but then answered honestly, nodding her head, "They have no one else and I owe a lot to Nanny Lin. I can't let them be on their own especially when they she treasured them so much. I will never be at peace if I left them today."

"Are you sure?" He asked to confirm once again.

"Yes I am." Song Jia looked determined. She would never let the children be alone. She looked at Wu Zhang trying to figure out his thoughts but she could not. He had no expression on his face whatsoever. Even if he was expressionless she has already made her choices and if Wu Zhang objected, then she would rather dump such a heartless man than abandon the grandchildren of the lady whom she has treated like her mother.

After a long silence, Wu Zhang finally spoke, "Then we can be their god parents. What do you think?"

Song Jia's eyes widened when she heard him. "Are you sure?" She asked carefully. She was really happy with the suggestion but she still didn't think it was right to live with him.

"Of course I am. I am sure about anything that makes you happy" He said without any hesitation.

"You won't have any problem with all three of us moving in with you?"

"Do you want me to have any?" He asked another question in response to hers.

"But- what about your family?"

"Jia, it is our life and it is us who will make our choices. And about my family, you are also a part of my family now, or in other words you are also family to me so leave it to me. Okay?"

"Are you sure?"

"Unless you don't want to move in with me, I am very sure." He kissed her temple.

"Alright then, I will ask someone to pack their belongings then." She called a maid and ordered her to pack the two children's belongings along with hers. It was only after the funeral that her mind cleared a little and she was able to think about the children. Wu Zhang on the other hand immediately ordered the driver to drive to his Mansion instead of the Song Jia's manor afraid that if she went back, she might change her mind and immediately messaged Mingli to prepare two rooms.

When they reached the mansion, Wu Zhang was carrying Lin Mei while Song Jia had Lin Fang who refused to leave her even when he was asleep and clutched his limbs tightly around her body like a spider clung on it's web.

Now that she entered the mansion, she started having second thoughts. Maybe moving in with him was not the right choice. It felt a little awkward.

Mingli noticed his master and came to greet him but his jaw dropped open when he saw the two children with them, especially the fact that his master was carrying one. He looked very very stiff and extra careful afraid that he might drop the girl. It clearly showed his lack of experience in handling children. But moreover, he looked funny.

Song Jia looked around feeling slightly a little uneasy. She has been at this place before but that was different then this time. This time she has come to live here.

Wu Zhang took her to a room on the first floor and opened it's door. It was a spacious room without much furniture, making it look bigger. He reached the bed and carefully placed Lin Mei on the right side. Song Jia followed his lead and reached the bed to lay Lin Fang on the other. The boy was still reluctant to let go, even in his sleep but after she patted his back and comforted him slightly, he eased his grip around her, allowing Song Jia to place him on bed.

Seeing her looking around the room, Wu Zhang spoke, "I'll get the room designed as per their taste by tomorrow."

Song Jia nodded and after she tucked both the kids in the blanket, Wu Zhang switched off the lights, leaving the night lamp on before leaving to dine.
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