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Since it was Lin Dong's last wish and Song Jia also didn't want to get their bodies under knife before burial she decided to drop the idea of sending their bodies for forensic examination. Because of Wu Zhang's pressure the cops had to give in and shut the case.

After the police team left, everyone was shocked. They went back to the manor quietly. Song Jia could not overcome the sadness and was sobbing again. She slumped on the couch in living room and Wu Zhang walked to sit next to her but Song Guang was quick this time. When he saw his granddaughter he came in between them and hugged her, rubbing her back lovingly, cornering Wu Zhang.

He could not trust him with his granddaughter, not for now at least. After Song Jia calmed down a little, Song Guang spoke, "I think you should move back to the mansion. Two horrible deaths have taken place here. It's not a good idea to live here anymore."

Song Chen's eyes lit with hope hearing his father's suggestion. It would be a good idea to have her in the mansion. They might be able to improve their relationship.

Song Jia pulled back to look at her grandfather and shook her head, "I don't want to live in the mansion grandpa." Her rejection dimmed the spark in Song Chen's eyes immediately. Only he knew how much he wanted to comfort her and hear her call him 'father' like past. But he was afraid, afraid that she might reject his advances, or become hostile to him. He didn't want to face that rejection.

Song Guang knew it that she would reject his offer so he had other options in mind as well. "Alright then I will help you look for another place. Just don't live here anymore." He really didn't want her to live at a place that has witnessed such horrible deaths.

While he gave his suggestion, Wu Zhang's eyes lit up but knowing Song Jia he chose to keep quiet for now.

Song Jia also didn't want to live here anymore. Even though the manor was special but after witnessing such unfortunate deaths it would always haunt her if she lived here. And to be honest she thought that the place was too big for her to live alone. So she agreed to Song Guang's suggestion. "I will move in to the Jade Condominiums in a day or two." It was a property under her name near the company, where she has never lived, so she thought it would be the best choice.

Every staff was working for the preparations of the funeral when a maid came in. "Young miss, I found this in Aunty Lin's dress pocket."

Not only Song Jia, everyone present frowned because the cops had just examined the body and their was no paper found then. Realisation hit her, and Wu Zhang's gaze darkened as well, but they chose to keep quiet.

Song Jia took the paper and after reading it her gaze darkened. Everyone's focus was on her, but when she didn't say anything Song Chen asked, "What is it?"

Song Jia immediately waved her hand and folded the paper, "Nothing, just a grocery list. Nothing important."

When no one noticed, she immediately slid the paper in her pajama's pocket.

Because the Lin's didn't have any relatives, their funeral was held on the same day, and after the funeral ended, Song Chen left along with Song Guang.

Song Jia had decided to take all her important belongings for the time being and move to the condominium and would later get the rest of the things shifted, so they were heading to the Jade Condominiums right now.

The two children Lin Mei and Lin Fang had cried endlessly all the time. The little boy had some hope till he was seeing his grandfather and held back his tears to console his little sister, but when he realised that he is also gone the dam broke. He cried endlessly and was unconsolable even now. Lin Mei on the way back has fallen asleep on Song Jia's right lap due to exhaustion from crying and right now Song Jia was unsuccessfully trying to coo Lin Fang to stop crying and sleep. Wu Zhang noticed her feeling troubled and because he knew he wouldn't be able console the boy so he very carefully yet very awkwardly lifted Lin Mei and pulled her on his lap so that Song Jia could focus on the little boy. Song Jia noticed his small gesture and mouthed a thank you before pulling Lin Fang on her lap. The boy finally found a comfortable space in the crook of her neck to rest his head and slowly drifted to sleep.

When the car was finally silent, Wu Zhang asked. "Are you sure about moving out from the manor?"

Song Jia nodded her head while patting Lin Fang's back, "Yes, I don't want to live in the manor anymore. It will feel very empty without Nanny Lin."

"Then why don't you move in with me?" He asked looking at her face carefully and observing her reaction. He had from the beginning wanted to move in with her, but never got the opportunity to ask. When earlier her grandfather suggested her to move out of the manor he decided that this was the best opportunity to bring her to his mansion. When they would live together, he will get more chances to be with her and spend time with her."

Song Jia thought she heard him wrong, so she tilted her head to look at him and asked again, "What did you say?"

"I said move in with me to my place. That way I will be able to be start and end my day with you and be readily by your side whenever you will need me." He had hopes in his eyes.

Song Jia's expression turned awkward, "That.. I don't think that would be very appropriate. I can't move in with you Zhang."
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