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The leader of the team, Hong Bai stepped forward to greet the people present. "Mr. Wu I am the public security officer Hong Bai, shall we see the corpse first?"

Wu Zhang nodded and everyone headed to the backyard, where the corpse of Nanny Lin was. Song Jia stood up and Wu Zhang wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer as they walked out. Song Guang and Song Chen silently watched the two from sidelines and then exchanged a look. Song Guang had complicated expression, he found it hard to believe that his granddaughter was dating that Feng guy a few months back and now it's someone else. He didn't mind her relationships but he didn't want her to end up hurt. After all he knew exactly how painful her childhood has been. For Song Chen and Song Guang, death of Nanny Lin wasn't hurting. Of Course they felt bad for her sudden death but they were more worried about Song Jia and how she will cope with the loss but now when they were here they felt they were not needed. Wu Zhang was taking very good care of her, holding her firmly to prevent her from falling apart.

When they reached the backyard, Lin Dong was still at the same place. He has not moved even an inch. The officers had to make a lot of effort to convince him to step aside and let them investigate the corpse. Even though he stepped aside, he didn't leave the sight of his wife's corpse.

After they were done they started interrogating the people present. Although Wu Zhang was reluctant to let them interrogate Song Jia, but she still agreed. She wanted justice for her Nanny. So he finally compromised after they allowed him to be with her during interrogation.

Hong Bai: "Miss Song, can you tell what happened?"

Song Jia: "I really... don't know exactly. I was in my room when.. when I heard her scream. I was on call with Wu Zhang and by the time I reached here, she.. she was already dead." Her voice broke many times in between and she could hardly speak. Her tears were flowing and her throat felt raspy.

Hong Bai: "Do you have your doubts on anyone?"

Song Jia: "I can't really say because she was not supposed to be here today in the first place."

"What do you mean?" Hong Bai asked carefully. He didn't dare be harsh on her because Wu Zhang was sitting next to her.

"She was called in the old mansion last week. Mr. Song was not well and she had a good knowledge of chinese medicines so she was called to take care of him and his medicines so she was supposed to stay there for a week more. But she returned all of a sudden today."

"Alright Miss Song thank you for your cooperation." Song Jia nodded and excused herself from the room.

After all the servants were interrogated as well except Lin Dong who was in no condition to talk, and the rest spoke the same thing, the officers went to check the surveillance footage of the manor. But none of them were expecting the result to be what they were going to see next.

One of the cameras showed Nanny Lin talking to her husband Lin Dong and it looked like they had gotten into a disagreement. After sometime when the other maids started entering the corridor for cleaning and it hindered their privacy, they headed to the terrace of the mansion.

Although their voices were not audible it clearly showed they were arguing. Song Jia was surprised to see this because everyone knew how much the Lin couple loved each other and they never fought.

After a few minutes Nanny Lin started walking away and Lin Dong pulled her back. She looked really angry and was struggling to leave. In their struggle to hold back and leave Lin Dong pushed her hard to a corner against the railing but she lost her balance and fell down. Lin Dong tried pulling her up but he didn't succeed causing the death of his wife.

Song Jia and everyone present in the room were shocked to see how the events turned out to be. What they were thinking to be a murder turned out to be an accident?

Hong Bai ordered his subordinates to immediately rush back to Lin Dong and take him under custody. A few minutes later the subordinate came back running calling them and they all rushed out except Song Guang who took his time to reach the backyard.

What greeted them was another horrible site. Lin Dong was lying next to Nanny Lin's body looking lifeless. He arched his back and coughed before he spat a mouthful of blood and laid still forever.

He has bitten his tongue!!

He knew they will come for him after watching the footage so he killed himself. One of the subordinates discovered a letter in his hand and gave it to Hong Bai.

It read: "I am sorry my wife. Young Miss please don't send her for forensic examination. Let her rest in peace."

Hong Bai showed the letter to Song Jia and the other's present. Since it was an open and shut case Song Jia decided to stop the further investigation and with Wu Zhang present it was not a big deal. The case was immediately closed and the police left.
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