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"Tell her to come back. Zhang please tell her to come back to me." Song Jia kept weeping and another hour passed by, until she stopped crying. But her eyes were still red and they were sitting at the same place. None of the people have moved from there. The only time Wu Zhang spoke was to make a call to the cops. It wasn't a normal death and looked more like a murder so he decided to call them for investigation.

"It's cold here, let's go inside." Wu Zhang stroked Song Jia's back.

Song Jia nodded and pulled back, only to see Wu Zhang wearing a thin cotton shirt that too inside out. She frowned, "Why are you wearing so less clothes?"

"I forgot." He admitted honestly, scratching his neck feeling a little embarrassed.

Song Jia's heart felt warm hearing his words. Even though she didn't want him to catch cold and disliked the idea of him sitting in cold for so long, she still felt warmth spreading inside her by knowing that she has such an important place in his life where he could forget wearing warm clothes and bear the cold just to keep her comfortable.

Hearing her words the maid who has brought her shawl stepped forward immediately and handed the cashmere coat she brought for Wu Zhang.

"Wear it." She took the coat from the maid and passed it to him. Wu Zhang complied and wore it silently, before they all decided to go inside except for the housekeeper. He didn't want to leave his wife's side so after Wu Zhang warned him to not to move her body as it would hinder the investigation and he agreed, they left.

Some times after they entered through the doors of the master wing, the main building where Song Jia lived, a car stopped outside the master wing and an elderly man along with Song Chen stepped out of it. He was Song Jia's grandfather Song Guang. He was wearing a dark brown Zhongshan suit and had a worried look on his face. Despite his age his physique was well maintained and age didn't show on him much except for the wrinkles on his skin. He often stayed in a small town not very far from C City to keep away from the hustle bustle of the metropolitan. He had returned just this morning, only to find out that Nanny Lin passed away, when a maid from the Manor called to give the information.

They both went inside to see Song Jia sitting on the couch, enveloped in Wu Zhang's arms. Song Guang's eyes almost popped out of his sockets seeing his beloved granddaughter in another man's arms. Whereas Song Chen frowned at first but after seeing the face of the man, he smoothened his frown. He remembered his friend telling him that they attended the university ball together.

"Xiao Jia?" Song Guang called her name in surprise.

"Grandpa!!" Song Jia was surprised to see her grandfather. "When did you come back?" She went to her grandfather and hugged him. She suddenly had the urge to cry again but decided otherwise. As for Song Chen she glanced at him from the corner of her eyes but soon turned her gaze away. Her mind was very preoccupied to think about his presence.

Song Chen noticed this little action and his heart tightened in his chest. His daughter was so helpless right now but he as her father had lost his right to comfort her.

"I came back this morning. How are you child?" Song Guang rubbed her back affectionately as he hugged her in his aged arms.

"I am fine Grandpa." She would have usually been very happy to see her grandfather but right now due to the loss she had suffered she didn't feel any excitement.

Song Guang nodded and then suddenly remembered the man sitting at the couch. "You-" His words got stuck in his throat when he recognised who the man was. He was Wu Zhang. THE WU ZHANG!! The CEO of Wu Corporations.

Wait, WHAT??!! What is CEO Wu Zhang doing here? And why were they sitting so intimately?

Song Jia pulled back from her grandfather and took him to the couch by his hand to sit. "Grandpa this is Wu Zhang, my boyfriend." She spoke slightly louder then usual to let Song Chen hear as well.

"President Wu, ---" Silence! He didn't know what to say. They had met at other occasions like business events and meetings and they talked about technical business tactics and economy but right now meeting him as his granddaughter's boyfriend was a little awkward.

"Grandfather, please don't be formal with me. You can call me Wu Zhang." Wu Zhang stood up, bowed slightly before he sat back.

Song Chen followed them silently and sat beside his father.

After a few minutes sound of the sirens were heard coming closer. Very soon two cars entered through the gates of the manor and halted some distance away from the master wing. They were the police cars from which a team of eight cops climbed out. Eight were not actually required, but because the caller was Wu Zhang, eight people came. Just to prevent any mistakes.
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