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"Hello, Jia what was that?"


"Jia, you are making me panic. What was it?" The lazy expression on his face was now gone. He was worried. He pulled the phone away from his ear when he didn't get any reply only to realise the call had been disconnected.

His fingers trembled as he called again, to only hear the operator's voice. "The subscriber you are trying to call is switched off. Please try again later." Wu Zhang was numb for a second before he rushed out of the bed and ran towards the door grabbing a casual shirt on his way out. His phone was in his hand and in his panic he was unable to find the car keys. He immediately called out for Mingli who came rushing in.

"Where are my car keys? Didn't I tell you to keep them here?"

Mingli looked at his master confused before he opened his mouth, "Young Master, they are right there." He spoke so slowly, pointing at the stand the car keys were usually hung on. He was scared if his master would burst out.

Wu Zhang quietened down and took the keys before he ran towards the garage. All he could think right now was to pray that Song Jia be fine.

Mingli looked at his master, confused. "Young Master Wai-" You are wearing your shirt inside out. But before he could finish, Wu Zhang was already out of site.

It was still quite early in the morning, around six thirty so there wasn't much traffic, allowing Wu Zhang to drive faster then usual. He would shudder thinking of the scream. He tried to reason with himself that the scream came from the background but he couldn't bring him self to reason. He could not unless he saw her in person, safe and sound.

He felt frustrated as the time passed and even though he was driving over the speed limit, he still felt slow. It took him a little more then an hour to reach her place. As soon as his car entered through the gates of Wave Manor, he felt nervous and his imagination started running wild, inauspicious thoughts rising inside.

The manor was suspiciously quiet engulfed in silence. He climbed out of his car and jogged towards the entrance in hurried steps. A maid saw him and greeted politely.

"Where is your Young Miss?" He asked looking around. The quietness of the usually lively manor felt creepy to him today.

The maid looked a little surprised seeing Wu Zhang's shirt but keeping the situation in mind she didn't show it on her face and lowered her gaze.

"She is in the back garden." The maid answered before leading him to the back garden. Unlike the quiet front yard, this place has people and sound of a child crying was clearly audible. A group of maids were standing clustered at one side, along with a three year old girl who was crying loudly hugging the legs of one of the maids and holding hands of a boy who looked slightly older then the little girl. Everyone was looking in a particular direction. Wu Zhang followed their gaze to see the back of a girl sitting in pajamas on the grass. She was undoubtedly Song Jia.

He took long strides and hurried to her. It was only after when they were just few steps apart he noticed a woman laying in front of Song Jia on the ground in the pool of blood. He looked closely and realised it was Nanny Lin. Her eyes and mouth were wide open and her neck was twisted more then normal. With one look he could tell, her neck had broke. On her other side was Nanny Lin's husband, housekeeper Lin Dong crying softly as he held Nanny Lin's hand.

He went closer to Song Jia and patted her shoulder, but she didn't budge. She was sitting on the ground with a blank expression on her face, sitting in oblivion staring in space. Her expression looked pained and her face was wet with tears that were drying up.

Wu Zhang whispered slowly, "Jia." as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

Only after Song Jia felt a familiar touch she turned to look at him. Soon she gained her sense back and tears started falling down her eyes again. She pounced on him and broke down, where as Wu Zhang pulled her closer in his embrace.

"She... she left me." It took Song Jia a lot of effort to complete the sentence because she was still in shock. Nanny Lin had died.Wu Zhang looked around and from the situation it looked she has fallen from a certain height.

Wu Zhang lacked the skills to console people. However he still wanted to be with her in her difficult times so not knowing what to say to comfort her he just patted her back silently as he let her cry in his arms. He was both relieved as well as felt heavy in his chest. He was relieved to know Song Jia was fine but his heart ached seeing her in such miserable state. Deaths are the irreversible departures that no power can turn around , and the pain of loosing a mother figure was unfathomable. As for Song Jia, Nanny Lin was the closest she had as a mother. She respected her and loved her like one and Nanny Lin as well showered all her care and love to her. Song Jia burst in tears all of a sudden and cried very loudly. All the maids standing nearby who were sobbing already started crying loudly as well after seeing Song Jia break down again. Everyone knew what Nanny Lin meant to her and could understand what she was going through. Her body had turned cold due to chilly morning breeze and she was only wearing a thin tank top and camouflage pajamas. Wu Zhang glanced at a maid standing nearby, "Bring her a shawl."

The maid nodded and soon returned with a cashmere shawl and a coat for him. Wu Zhang took the shawl and wrapped it around Song Jia's back. She had clutched his shirt so hard that he didn't want to pull back so he ignored the coat the maid brought for him.

The old housekeeper on the other hand had no one to console him for the loss of his wife. The Lin couple had a son and daughter-in-law but they have also passed away two years back leaving their two children behind. The loss of his wife led the housekeeper to be all alone in this world now. His wrinkled face was smeared with snot and tears as he mourned for his wife, holding one of her hands.


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