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Wu Zhang woke up to the beeping of his cell phone in the morning. He had been out with Song Jia the previous night to perk up his mood, and it helped. He lazily opened his eyes to check his messages and saw that the messages were from Fei Yan. It read:

"Zhang I am sorry for whatever happened yesterday. I forgot where to draw lines. I hope we can still be friends or the least, you won't turn away your face from me if we run into each other next time. I am leaving for Russia tonight and I don't know when will I return. Take care of yourself and sorry once again."

He had read halfway when another message popped up. It was a video. Along with it was another message.

"I am sorry for doing this. I wanted to break you apart from Song Jia, so I did this to you, but now I know how wrong I was. Her assistant has already found out about it and might have probably told her everything by now. But they don't know the person behind it was me. I am sorry. Bye."

Wu Zhang downloaded the video and when he saw it, he was shocked. He felt nervous probably for the first time in his entire life. The man who had the country's economy under his feet was nervous. He was nervous because he was scared of the impact it would have created on Song Jia. He saw the person in the video was him, but he could not remember when it happened. He thought hard about it and then remembered it must be on the night he had gone to meet Tan Yong. Because when he woke up next day, he was not able recall anything about last night.

He immediately called Song Jia and heard her sleepy voice on the other end.

"Hey good morning." She greeted him half asleep.

"Forget morning, do you know about the video?" He. was anxious. He didn't how he will calm her down if she got angry.

"What video?"

"My video, with another woman." His voice was barely audible.

Song Jia was silent for sometime before she asked back, "How do you know?"

"So you know. And you didn't care to ask me?" He was a little surprised as to why Song Jia was so calm after knowing everything.

"Because I also knew that it was fake. When Wei Xin told me, it was after she found out everything. So I didn't see the need of telling you." She was completely awake now and told him everything Wei Xin told her.

Wu Zhang was quite impressed by Wei Xin and felt thankful to her, because if not for her, things might have ended up between them, even before getting started.

He was so impressed that he felt like giving her a bonus. Oh well...he was not her employer!!

"But how do you know about it? Wei Xin told you?" She didn't know who else to think of except Wei Xin. But her tone was unconvincing even to herself because it was hard to believe Wei Xin would tell him.

"No, not her..." He pursed his lips into a thin line because he did not know how to break the news that it was one of his friends.


"It was done by Fei Yan, I just received her message."

"What?" Her eyes got wide open. "You mean she confessed it?"

"Hm." He hummed silently. "You ain't surprised that she did it?"

"No, the way she looked at you, it comes as no surprise, but she confessed herself is for sure one." She spoke her thoughts to hear Wu Zhang chuckle. Woman sure understood each other.

"So you must know who that woman in the video is?" He enquired. He didn't like the thought of being touched by other woman.

"Yes I do, but let's just forget about it now Zhang. Since we both know the truth and the culprit confessed, there is no point pestering on it. I don't want to waste our time on useless matters. So forget it, okay?" She didn't speak it to calm him down, but she really didn't want to ponder over it because the truth was now out.

"Hm." He hummed silently. Even though he didn't like the idea of letting the loose ends remain, he agreed for Song Jia's sake. And after all, the woman was just a pawn, real culprit was Fei Yan who admitted to everything and she was already leaving the country so he found Song Jia's advise reasonable.

"So tell me, do you miss me?" Wu Zhang asked like a little kid.

"Didn't we meet just last night?" Song Jia answered with a question of her playing around.

Wu Zhang's spirit dampened hearing her answer. He sighed, "Here I thought you would miss me. Hmmph!!"

"Why are you acting like a spoilt wife?" She couldn't help laughing.

"That I will do after you make mine."

Cough!! Heat rushed up to Song Jia's neck reaching her ear tips, turning them red.

"So tell me now, did you?"


"Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!" Before Song Jia could finish, an ear piercing scream reached Wu Zhang's end from Song Jia's background. It was so loud that even he heard it and cold sweat dropped down his neck.
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