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Fei Yan was completely taken aback by what just happened. She was unable to process the situation for a moment. After Wu Zhang left, she stood in her place, shocked to the core. Never even in her dreams did she expect Wu Zhang would humiliate her like this. Water dripped down from her face and small droplets slid down from her hair. Before she came to Wu mansion she was highly confident that even if Wu Zhang didn't reciprocate her feelings there was no way he would be able to resist her if she stood nude in front of him and that is why she didn't wear anything under her trench coat dress. But Wu Zhang proved her wrong. He not only humiliated her, he did not even look at her properly.

Whatever little intoxication that had taken over her from the alcohol she drank, before coming here was now all gone. The water that dripped from her face, washed away all her self esteem along with it. Her body was trembling from the humiliation she had faced and her muscles seemed to have frozen in the place. But whom could she blame for it now? No one but herself. Her legs gave up soon after and she slumped to the floor with a loud thud.

She didn't move from her place until the room turned dark. She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't even realise she was not wearing any clothes.

After Wu Zhang left the room, he instructed the maids to not to go to the study room until Fei Yan left and sent Li Jing away. Even though it was Fei Yan who forgot where to draw the lines first, Wu Zhang was still a gentleman to begin with. What happened inside the study room was between him and Fei Yan and he didn't want to get her more humiliated by others when she was down. No matter what she was still a woman at the end of the day and a friend he has shared many memories of his childhood with.

But whatever happened has trampled his mood, not because he broke Fei Yan's heart but because Fei Yan insulted his woman. So to lift his mood, he called Song Jia to have dinner together and left the mansion.

Sometimes later a car entered through the doors of Wu Mansion and Tan Yong stepped out of it. He had come to meet Wu Zhang and to discuss some business matters. Their companies had invested in a lot of projects together as partners.

Mingli stepped out to greet him. "Mister Tan, please have a seat."

"Is Wu Zhang home?"

"Apologies Mister Tan, Elder Young Master has gone out. And I can't tell by what time he will return."

He had some urgent business to discuss so he decided to wait. "Alright, don't bother yourself with me. I will wait."

Mingli nodded and left after a maid served him tea.

Tan Yong waited for sometime more, but when Wu Zhang didn't return he decided to go to his study room. He was a frequent visitor here and therefore he was quite familiar with the place. Also because the two friends didn't have any formalities between them, Wu Zhang never minded Tan Yong entering his study. He had often done it before.

When he unlocked the door, the study room was pitch dark. He looked around for the switches when he heard the sounds of someone sobbing. He looked around but he saw no one.

"Who is it?" He asked cautiously.


There was no response.

He finally found the switches and turned the lights on. And after looking around he noticed Fei Yan, sitting naked on the floor against a wall, her knees pulled closer to her body covering her bosom.

Tan Yong was shocked to see her in this state. He immediately ran towards her and placed the jacket he was wearing on her.

"Fei Yan, what are you doing here in this condition?" He asked with concern. But Fei Yan gave him no response. She didn't even move and kept staring in blank space, sobbing in between.

The first thought that crossed Tan Yong's mind was that maybe Wu Zhang did something to her. But he brushed off the thought because he knew Wu Zhang well and understood that he would never do something to spoil a woman's dignity.

He looked around to find her clothes, and saw her trench coat dress lying near by. He picked it up and shook Fei Yan by her shoulders. "Fei Yan, wear this and get up. What are you doing here like this? You will catch cold."

"Fei Yan are you listening?" He shook her hard and only then did Fei Yan snapped out of her daze.

"Tan Yong, what are you doing here?" Her voice was only slightly louder than a whisper.

Instead of answering her question, he shoved the dress in her hand. "Wear this first and then we will talk. I will wait outside." With that Tan Yong left the room.

After waiting for a while, the door the study room clicked open and Fei Yan stepped out. She was looking horrible. Her entire face was wet due to the tears she has shed, which has resultantly smudged her makeup, smearing it in her face in ugly patches.

Her hair was messed and tangled and she looked broken. By the time he waited outside, he tried to think of various possibilities of what might have happened. Looking Fei Yan's state he has somewhat guessed that she might have been rejected by Wu Zhang, but he could not understand the reason behind her sitting in the study room undressed.

But he didn't find it appropriate to probe her now so he didn't ask anything. Before he could speak Fei Yan extended her hand to give his jacket back. "I will take my leave." She didn't even for once made eye contact with him.

"Let me drop you." He offered because he was worried about her.

"It's okay. I'll go by myself. Thanks." Her eyes had lost its spark and she looked extremely pale, her face devoid of any colour.

Tan Yong didn't insist, but after she left he silently got into his car and followed her until she reached home safely.
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