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In the study room of Wu Mansion, Wu Zhang was working on his laptop. The room was silent and the only sound was of his key board. On the couch near by was Li Jing, working on some files given to him by Wu Zhang. They would discuss matters when needed, until housekeeper Mingli came in with a worried expression.

"Sir, Miss Fei is here, and she has been creating chaos in the Mansion. I think she is drunk." The housekeeper had been trying to tell her to wait or either leave because Wu Zhang was busy, but Fei Yan being Fei Yan was not ready to listen. She was persistent on meeting him.

Wu Zhang tilted his head to look at Mingli, "Send her in."

Mingli nodded his head and went back. Soon after Fei Yan entered. Her face was flushed and her eyes watery. With her looks she seemed upset. She tucked a stray strand of her hair behind her ears, and ran her fingers through her hair to make them look less messy. The thin line of eye liner that she has applied has gotten smudged near the corner of her eyes. Her long trench coat was ruffled and looked out of place. In short she looked like a mess.

Li Jing noticed her condition, so he thought it would be inappropriate to stay therefore he politely excused himself. After he closed the door behind him, Wu Zhang glanced her once and then turned his head back to his laptop before he spoke leisurely, "What is it Fei Yan?"

He didn't really care as to why she came to him in such condition, but now that she had come he decided to ask and dismiss her quickly. Hearing his question, Fei Yan pounced on him from behind and started crying, leaving Wu Zhang startled. He immediately got up from the swivel chair he was sitting on and pushed her arms away to make her stand far from him.

"If you want to talk, then use your mouth not your limbs." He said brushing off his shoulder where she has touched.

"What has happened to you Wu Zhang?" She asked her head bowed down trying to hold back her tears from spilling.

Wu Zhang raised his eyebrow as he looked at her without uttering a single word.

"Why don't you look at me anymore? Has your love for me ended?"

Wu Zhang chuckled lightly before he crossed his arms in front of his chest, "When did I tell you that I love you?"

Fei Yan felt at a loss for words for once before she spoke again, "You do not have to tell it, I know that you do. Yes I know, you do. You always did." Her words sounded more like she was convincing herself rather than Wu Zhang. While she spoke, she tried coming closer to him again but a simple glare from Wu Zhang made her stop in her way. She couldn't dare to take another step towards him.

"Really? Well then all I can say is it is your problem if you think so, because I am only responsible for what I speak and what I do, and not what you interpret it to be. And to be clear I have never felt anything for you and all my love is for only one woman and that is Song Jia. If any of my actions have mislead you, which I am sure they haven't but still in case, then all I can say is you are being delusional." Wu Zhang never cared about speaking unnecessarily but when he did, his words could replace daggers, daggers that went straight through Fei Yan's heart, piercing it.

"What does that bitch have which I don't?" Fei Yan being the maniac she was started screaming on top of her voice. All this while she thought that Song Jia must have influenced Wu Zhang, but to hear it straight from him crushed her heart.

"Let me remind you Fei Yan, this was the first and the last time you speak like that about Song Jia in front of me. If you ever do it again, I will make sure you can't speak anymore. And trust me when I say this, because I am not joking." He was tackling her quite patiently until she cursed Song Jia. The calmness in his eyes was now gone and he looked like a devil straight from hell. "Do you think I didn't notice what you were trying to do at grandma's birthday celebration? You tried humiliating her but I let you go. Why do you think I did? Because we are friends? No, because of Song Jia, because she asked me to ignore you." He had truly lost his cool now. Song Jia was his bottom line and there was no way he would tolerate someone humiliating her, that too in front of him. He didn't pull out her tongue only because she was his childhood friend and they grew up together.

"If I don't respond to your actions doesn't mean I am blind, it's just that you are not important enough for me to respond." He continued after a short pause, "I don't blame you for having feelings for me, because I understand that it is something you have no control over, but I will definitely blame you if your actions became the reason for any trouble between me and my woman, because everything I feel is for her and as for you I can't reciprocate your feelings neither do I regret it one bit. Anyway It's good that you came on your own to talk, it saved me a lot of trouble. But now that you know what I think, you should leave. The door is behind you, I won't come to see you off." He said pointing the door.

All the time he spoke, Fei Yan had nothing to say. All she could do was stand with her mouth open her tears flowing endlessly and look at him dumbstruck. Even when he asked her to leave, she didn't budge. Wu Zhang didn't want to spare her another glance and because she wasn't leaving he decided to leave himself.

"Wait." Fei Yan stopped him just when he was about to reach the door and Wu Zhang paused. Her hands immediately reached for the buttons on her trench coat and she unbuttoned it all before she dropped it on the floor. When she turned around she was wearing nothing except a red laced panty. "Would you still say you love her?"

Fei Yan's body was something she had always been proud of. She had perfect curves and flawless skin, and an angel like delicate face. A nude body with long messy hairs flowing down her shoulders was a perfect turn on. The Fei Yan that stood in front of Wu Zhang right now could have made any man submit to his desires but this man was Wu Zhang.

When he saw her in her almost naked state he didn't give any reaction and slowly took a few steps towards her, making her smile. It was a victorious smile because she felt she has finally gotten what she wanted. Wu Zhang also was a man at the end of the day after all.

But her smile soon faded away, when Wu Zhang stopped in front of the small coffee table, picked up the glass of water kept on it and splashed it's entire content on her face without even thinking twice.

"Wake up Fei Yan." After he was done, he left without turning back for even once, leaving her standing their all on her own.
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