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Song Jia was sitting in her office on the 30th floor of the Song Headquarter's building, while Wei Xin was reporting her of her schedule for the day. ".. finally, you have a meeting with the board at 3 pm and then you have a booking at 'The Grand Palace' at 7 pm for dinner with Mr. Feng." Hearing Feng Ying's name all of a sudden, made Song Jia uncomfortable. While on the other hand Wei Xin had no idea that the two have broken up.

"Cancel the dinner" Song Jia spoke while turning her attention to the files piled up on her table. Wei Xin was confused so she could not help asking "Madam is their any problem? Why are you cancelling the dinner?"

"Because the person I was supposed to dine with was discovered banging around with someone else." Song Jia answered with a hint of sadness and helplessness in her voice. up

Hearing this Wei Xin was so furious that if Feng Ying would have showed up in front of her right now, she would have strangled him to death. She always thought that he was not a trustworthy person, but she did not expect him to go to such extent.

"Are you alright? When did this happen?"

"On his birthday. I had gone to surprise him with my visit, but who knew it would be me who would come back shocked" her eyes started welling up again as she narrayed the entire incident.

"Then how did you end up at Wu mansion, that too with fever?" she was a little confused.

"That.... After visiting him I ended up near East hill lake, and caught fever due to rain, due to which I fell unconcious, Mr. Wu found me and brought me back" she told her everything that happened, obviously skipping the cloth changing part.

"That son of b*tch" Wei Xin could not help swearing on him. Seeing Song Jia getting emotional she patted on her shoulder and turned to leave, when Song Jia immediately stopped her, "wait, don't cancel the booking for dinner"

"Why?" Wei Xin asked confused

"Contact Mr. Wu and invite him over."


After 20 minutes Wei Xim came back and confirmed that Wu Zhang has confirmed for the dinner. And he will come by 6 pm to pick her up.

----Meanwhile at Wu Corporates---

When Li Jing informed Wu Zhang about the dinner invite from Song Jia, he was in the middle of a meeting with his management executives. He originally thought Song Jia was just being polite when she spoke about dinner, but to his surprise she actually called him, and that too just the next day. He was so happy, that he could not even concentrate in the meeting.

"So President, what do you think, should we approve the consignment?" the person who was making the presentation asked.

Wu Zhang "..."

Everyone was patiently looking in Wu Zhang's direction to hear his response, hoping he would not explode in anger, because the person who made the presentation was a new comer and his report had a lot of mistakes. So if the rest of the people have found it out, it was impossible for Wu Zhang who expected perfection in every work to not to notice it. However to every one's surprise their President was smiling. They thought it was a smile before the blast, but it was after a few minutes they noticed that Wu Zhang was thinking about something else and would just not stop smiling. One of the managers, in his early thirties could not help whispering to the petite woman sitting next to him "Why is the President smiling like silly? Is he sick?"

"Are you dumb, who smiles when they are sick?" the woman whispered back.

After a few minutes Li Jing, who was standing beside Wu Zhang bent down and spoke slowly in Wu Zhang's ear, "President, everyone is awaiting your response."

Only after Li Jing reminded him Wu Zhang snapped out of his dream land, and sat straight, "Yes, go ahead with it" saying this he straightened his lapel and stood up to leave, dispersing the meeting.

Everyone else left closely behind, with a dumbfounded expression on their faces.
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