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Wei Xin had gone to visit her parents and for that she had taken a week's leave. It was just the third day when she called Song Jia.

"Can you call me back and make me work overtime?" This was the first sentence Song Jia got to hear after she answered her call.

"Eh? This is the first time I have received such request." Song Jia couldn't help but feel amused.

"Please Song Jia I beg you. Give me lots of work. Make me die under the burden of work but call me back okay?"

"What are you talking? Ain't you at your parent's home?"

"Yes and I want to go back as soon as possible. Because if I don't I am afraid I might come back married." Wei Xin said in a hushed tone.

"Pfft... Cough Cough.." Song Jia had just sipped water and with what Wei Xin said, she couldn't help spitting it out. Lucky thing she was at home or she would have embarrassed herself.

She wiped her mouth after she calmed down, while Wei Xin was frowning on the other end. "What happened? Why are you coughing?"

"I should be the one asking this. What happened to YOU? Why are you so persistent on coming back?"

"My mother has been nagging me to get married. I don't want to. Please call me back." If Song Jia would have been present there, Wei Xin would have surely pressed her hands together to beg.

"Now I see." Song Jia smiled.

"You are enjoying my plight. Ain't you?" Wei Xin was on the verge of crying.

"No no my dear friend. I will get you back by evening. Is that alright?" Song Jia laughed. She found it funny to imagine how Wei Xin might look right now. The stern girl with a serious expression ever so always, was pleading to be saved. "But can't you just make an excuse and come back? Why do you want me to give you work?"

"My mother is very sly, I won't be surprised if she came to check my mails. So i want to be well prepared."

"Okay." Song Jia being the good friend decided to help her and she soon sent Wei Xin multiple mails with the details of work pending. Wei Xin saw the mail and ran to her mom who was preparing lunch in the kitchen.

"Mom I need to go back by evening." She said almost grinning.

Mrs. Wei frowned after she heard it. "Why? You just came day before yesterday."

"Yes, but there is an emergency at the company so I need to head back."

"What is it? I know you are lying so that you could run away. Let me tell you Xiao Xin, I won't listen to you. You are going to meet Mrs. Su's son day after tomorrow, only then you can go."

"Mom I am speaking the truth. I have a lot of work. Please let me go. I will come back next month. Please." She pressed her hands together as she pleaded.

"How do I believe you?" Mrs. Wei asked, still suspicious.

"I can show you my mails. I just received it from boss. She wants me to come back. It's urgent." She was ready to get her laptop.

"Alright Alright. You are still so stubborn. But remember to come back next month. Do you get it?"

"Yes mom. You are the best." Wei Xin hugged her mother happily.

"Help me lay the food now." Mrs. Wei pushed her daughter away softly, because she was not letting her go. "You can leave after lunch."

Wei Xin was so happy to leave that she even forgot to chew her food and just swallowed it all. "What are you doing? Eat properly." Mr. Wei could not help pointing it out.

"I am in a hurry to leave dad." Wei Xin answered without even looking at him. All she cared about right now was to eat and leave.

"Where are you going?" Mr. Wei frowned.

"Your daughter is going back, she is too busy to spend time with us." Mrs. Wei complained.

"Mom, I will come back next month. Promise." She patted her chest to emphasise that she would come back for sure.

"Alright, alright eat your food properly." Mr. Wei who knew very well the reason behind Wei Xin leaving sighed. His wife was helpless.

Wei Xin felt quite relieved and happy after she left her parents' town. Finally she will not have to go and meet weird men her mother chose for her to get married to. She still had to change rides as C City was still an hour away and it was already evening, she decided to eat something before going back.

She entered a near by hot pot restaurant and occupied for herself a window seat. The place was in the outskirts of city, so it was comparatively quiet and a lot less crowded. While waiting for her order, she was admiring the view outside, when she caught glimpse of a familiar figure. She saw Fredrick standing on the lane opposite to the restaurant in front of a pancake vendor and he was feeding the girl in front of him. So he has a girlfriend? She suddenly remembered the time when he kissed her and now seeing him with another girl made her feel uneasy. Why am I getting affected? She was lost in her thoughts, staring at them when the girl along with Fredrick turned around and Wei Xin's eyes went wide open when she saw her face. It.. it was.. Shelby.

What was he doing with her? And what is with this feeding her? Are they close?

Does it mean, it was Fredrick who killed my men and took away Shelby? But why?

Was he deceiving her?

Wei Xin suddenly felt a rush of questions inside her. To get her answers, she got up from her seat and ran outside hurriedly but she was a bit late. By the time she reached the place they were standing at, they were gone.

Feeling disappointed, all Wei Xin could do now was sigh and go back. She was already very tired so she went back to have her meal.
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