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While Wu Zhang was about to leave Wei Xin entered with another girl behind her. She was one of the secretaries here. Wu Zhang saw her and his lips twitched. She was indeed whom he thought her to be during the video call he had with Song Jia when she was in office. He glanced her to confirm his suspicion and then turn to Song Jia, "I am thinking to have a cup of tea with you before leaving. What do you say?" And before she could speak, he sat back on the couch, showing no signs of leaving.

"Alright. Jin Qingge don't forget to ask for two cups of tea when you go back. Tell them to make it quick." Song Jia spoke to the woman who has come along with Wei Xin. And in response Jin Qingge who was oblivious to Wu Zhang's intention nodded.

Wu Zhang fell silent. So his notion was correct. He wasn't really up for tea, and just wanted to confirm the girl's name. Because he thought it would not be appropriate to just ask her name, so he used tea as an excuse. And when he asked for tea, he was lucky Song Jia spoke her name just like he wanted. He got up from his place and said, "Actually, let it be. I just remembered I have some urgent matter to take care of. So I will be heading back."

"But you just..." Song Jia wanted to stop him but then decided to let him go since he has already wasted so much of his time for her. "Alright, drive safe."

Wu Zhang hugged her softly after seeing her concern for him, which warmed his heart so much. He would have been a fool to think something like this about her. He was glad that he took the decision to clarify things this early with her. He soon left not letting the three women know his intentions.

Wei Xin looked at Jin Qingge, "You can leave now." She wanted to talk to Song Jia about the video. It was important for her to know everything about it. She didn't want it to be misused against her later. And now that she was a fake one, there was no harm in telling her about it now.

"Madam, I need to talk to you. It's urgent."

"Go ahead." As usual Song Jia has buried her head in files and responded without even looking at Wei Xin.

Wei Xin didn't mind the lack of eye contact because she was used to it now, so she just continued.

"You should see this." She connected the pen drive to her laptop and played the video. Song Jia wasn't initially paying any heed to it but when she heard Wu Zhang's name, her head lifted and she stared at the screen with her eyes wide. She didn't realise it but her whole body was shaking when she saw the video. After it ended, she turned to Wei Xin, "What is this?"


"What?" It was difficult to process Wei Xin's words for Song Jia because after seeing the video, her brain seemed to have stopped working and her eyes were tearing up.

It was only recently did she start liking Wu Zhang and was maybe even falling in love with him. And just when she has started accepting her feelings for him this damn video came up!!.

"I mean this video was sent to you, to bring out the exact reaction from you that you gave just now."

"Stop talking in riddles and speak directly." She whisper yelled.

"I mean this video was sent to make you leave Wu Zhang. The girl in the video I found her and it turned out she was paid for it. So it is fake." Unlike Song Jia, Wei Xin was very calm. Also because she had no reason to panic.

"How do you know?" Song Jia asked instantly. Those three particular words 'it is fake' felt like a new hope of life to her. Even Song Jia didn't realise how much she wished for this video to be a lie.

Seeing her getting anxious Wei Xin told her everything from the start. "Now, so you know why am I showing this to to you when everything is settled?"

"Why?" Her voice was almost a whisper.

"Because I feel something bad will happen soon, and this video is not the end. I want you to be cautious because whoever it is will not stay quiet."

"I- I want to see Shelby, where is she?"

"Well you can't."

"Why?" She arched her eyebrow.

"Because the men I asked to take her have all been killed by someone and we don't know where she is."

Wei Xin had been trying to contact her men who took Shelby but they were all unreachable. And after some investigation she found out that they were all dead.

"Also, I guess Mr. Wu has forgotten everything because he was tranquilized so don't blame him for not telling you anything." Wei Xin reminded Song Jia before leaving.

---At Green Residency, Fei Yan's villa---

"Your work is done." A tall man stood in front of the couch Fei Yan was sitting on.

Fei Yan was sipping coffee when the man reported to her and she smiled. "Good job elder cousin Fei Rong. I am quite impressed. Not everyone has the courage to do what you did." She could not help giving a thumbs up to him and to which Fei Rong just nodded.

"Now that you have helped me clear my name, I don't care about the video anymore. I just want my Wu Zhang back and I shall get him no matter what." With that said, Fei Yan laughed like a maniac after imagining what it would be like to be with Wu Zhang.

Fei Rong shook his head helplessly seeing her becoming so delusional. It was not his fault if he thought that way, because Fei Yan looked mentally ill right now.
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