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After killing the four men, Fredrick silently bent down, lifted Shelby and carried her back to his car. He placed her carefully in his passenger seat and tied her seatbelt. His breathing was uneven and his hand was slightly injured, but he seemed unfazed. He brought the car back to life and drove away before anyone could notice.

After he entered the city he drove to a suburb and stopped his car outside a small apartment. Instead of getting out he brought forward his laptop that was playing the video of Wei Xin's living room they had sat in. When they were sitting in her living room, he has placed a small camera on her coffee table. He has watched everything that Wei Xin has said to the three men including the statement when she asked them to not do anything inappropriate to his sister. "Thank you Wei Xin, you sure didn't disappoint me." In the dimly lit car, his face had a cold smirk as he glanced at his sister and caressed her face lovingly. She was still unconscious, so he picked her out carefully after he stepped down and took her inside the apartment.

--- Song International Corporations---

Song Jia was busy working in her office like usual, when the door to her office room flung open, and she was not at all surprised to see Wu Zhang standing their with a parceled food packet in his hand. He had been doing it for the last ten days without a break. He would come to her office everyday, eat with her spend the lunch hour together and then he would leave.

"Now stop working and hurry. Come over here I bought lunch for us." He said as he placed down the packet on the coffee table and then sat on the couch opposite it. Song Jia looked at him with a worried expression. Was this guy really so bored of earning money that he has started to drive here everyday just to have lunch with her? Although she was happy with it but it takes at least an hour for a person to drive from Wu Corporations to here and this guy was doing it everyday, wasting his three hours. Being a businesswomen she knew the value of three hours very well. Why was he doing this? She stood up from her chair and went to sit next to him.

"Wu Zhang we need to talk." She said with a straight face, as Wu Zhang served the food in their plates.

"What is it?"

"Why do you come here everyday?" She asked sternly.

Wu Zhang's hand that was serving their portions of food paused and he looked at her. 'Does she not like it when I come here?' His mouth twitched but he asked calmly, "Can't I come?"

"Eh?" Song Jia was surprised with the question he asked her back in response to hers. "What rubbish!! Of course you can come. What I mean is, why do you waste so much time everyday to come here just to have a meal with me? Don't you have work? Or are you really bored with earning money now that you have so much?" She asked all of it in one breath.

Wu Zhang chose to remain silent as he cursed Wu Zihao in his mind. He should not have listened to that idiot and agreed. How could he listen to his stupid advice? It was Wu Zihao who gave him this idea to go and spend time with her everyday so that she doesn't get a chance to fall for other men. Seeing that a small matter has worried his brother so much, he has racked his brain for three days before coming to this solution. "Brother, girls love caring men. So you must bring her lunch everyday. It would make her feel that she is more important to you then your work." This was what Wu Zihao has told him. Wu Zhang had never felt worried to please a woman nor did he have any idea how to do it because it had always been the other way round. So when Zihao advised him, he found it reasonable and agreed and since that day he was bringing lunch to her everyday.

"Wu Zhang!!" Song Jia snapped her finger in front of his face to bring him out of his daze, and when she succeeded she asked, "What is wrong with you? Is something bothering you?"

"No, not at all." Wu Zhang replied plainly. "Is it wrong if I choose to spend time with you?" And suddenly he pulled on the puppy dog expression that always softened Song Jia.

"I didn't intend to say that. But you should focus more on work. Right?" She knew something was going on in his head and she wanted to know. After seeing him nod at her words, she placed his big hand between her small ones and asked carefully. "What is it Zhang? Tell me."

Wu Zhang scratched the back of his head and spoke hesitantly, "Do you still love him?"

"Song Jia's gaze darkened when she heard his question, "What made you think so?"

"Do you?" His expression was serious.

"The only man in my life is you. And the only man will always be you. Now tell me why are you asking. He was my past and he will never be my future or present." She didn't even think before answering.

Wu Zhang smiled hearing her answer. "Umm.. Will you judge me if I tell you."

"Have I ever?"

"I thought you still have his clothes at home. So.." He could not bring himself to finish the sentence.

It took Song Jia some time to understand what clothes he was talking about. "Those clothes?"

Wu Zhang nodded and Song Jia broke into laughter.

"Those are my cousin's clothes. My cousin in America. He and his sister stay at my place whenever they come to China and they visit quite often, so I don't remove their belongings."

Wu Zhang relaxed for the first time in so many days. Such a little thing has worried him so much. Good thing he decided to clarify. Phew!! That Wu Zihao, he will make sure to kick his ass when he goes back.

Silly, you were worried because of this? Zhang you don't have to stress yourself for such petty things. I really love it when you come to have lunch with me. But don't spoil me so much and take care of your work." She pressed her lips against his as she answered him, making him smile.
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