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The dark man lifted the unconscious Shelby in his arms and eyed her body. Lust and hunger clearly visible in his eyes. But Wei Xin had sharp observant skills and she noticed his gaze. "Do not even think about getting into her pants. I don't want any of you to even think of touching her to fulfill your desires. Just scare her until she speaks the truth and when she does, let her go." She didn't want to harm the girl because she was just a tool and not the real culprit, and her target was to find the person pulling strings from behind the curtains. She had a gut feeling that whoever it was won't stop at this, so she had to find out everything before things get out of control. Her gut feeling was the sole reason she had decided to investigate this matter in depth, otherwise she would have done some basic research on Wu Zhang and then would have long forgotten the pen drive.

The man nodded, looking a bit disappointed and then carried away Shelby after putting her in a trolley bag. She was a beautiful woman and he really wanted to have a taste of her, but that was out of limit now.

They were total four men, and after getting out of Wei Xin's apartment, they loaded the bag in the trunk of their car parked nearby, got in hurriedly and drove off. Soon after a black volkswagen followed their car from a safe distance.

After driving for almost two hours, the car in front stopped outside a small baiju shop in the outskirts of the city. The shop could be called a 'bar for poor people', where lower class men often came to drink. The man, shortest among the three who was also driving opened his mouth. "I can't wait to ravish the holes in her body. I will f*ck her to my heart's content." He rubbed his hands together excitedly.

"We can't. Boss has strictly ordered to not to." The dark man, who was sitting in the back seat said in a dead pan tone.

"Oh come on senior, how is she going to know if none of us tell her. And I don't want to let this opportunity go waste. She is worth the scoldings you know. I bet she has got amazing assets." Third man, sitting beside the dark man spoke with lust filled in his eyes. Seeing that their master didn't reject the fourth man chimed in immediately.

"Alright, so after we drink, we are going to have a lot of fun. I am going to f*ck her all night." The four men nodded their head, smiled and climbed out of the car. Soon they got inside the shop and disappeared. They were thrilled to have got such a beautiful looking woman.

A minute later, the black Volkswagen halted a few metres away from the car and Fredrick stepped out. He walked towards the car and touched it lightly to check if it had any alarm installed. He heaved a sigh of relief when nothing happened and he confirmed that no alarm was installed in the car. He checked again and the car was locked. Fredrick went back to his car and came back with a weird looking car key. He inserted the key and the car got unlocked. This made his lips curve up in a small smile. He hurriedly unlocked the trunk, opened the bag kept inside and pulled the unconscious Shelby out. "I am sorry sister. Once we find out a solution to our problems, I swear to kill their entire family. I will make them pay back ten folds. It's my promise." His eyes looked frosty and he had a murderous aura around him.

"Hey! Get him." Fredrick turned around and saw one of the men coming back. They had gone inside to drink when one of them realised he didn't bring his phone. So he came back with the short man to fetch his phone from the car. The car belonged to the shorter man and he never gave his keys to anyone so he had come along with him.

Fredrick's eyes darkened when he saw the two men coming back. Luckily the place inside had loud music playing so the other two who were inside didn't come. Fredrick placed Shelby carefully on the muddy floor, resting her head against the trunk of the car and stood in his place for the two men to approach him who were running in his direction like two bulls ready to fight. He glanced coldly at them and just as they reached him, without giving them a chance to attack, he grabbed the shorter one by his neck, stopping him mid way and kicked the other guy in his stomach, sending him flying and landing far away, his head hitting a stone nearby. He then released the shorter man and exchanged moves with him. Fredrick was fast and his moves were sharp, leaving fatal injuries on him, making it difficult for the man to retaliate or to even defend himself. The men were some local goons without much training or experience. So it was easy for Fredrick to fight with them. He kicked the man in his face, blood oozing out from his mouth and nose. He kicked in his abdomen uncountable times making him flinch and groan in pain. The last kick he threw at him didn't bring any reaction from him. The injuries Fredrick left on him were severe, and he soon died. And just then the other man who was flown away came back charging towards him, while his one hand was pressed hard against his temple that had hit the stone. Fredrick didn't have much time to deal with them so he pulled out a revolver from the inner pocket of his coat. It had a silencer attached to it and with a lightening speed he fired at him. The bullet hit him straight in his heart and the man fell down with a thud. Fredrick suddenly turned around and fired twice, in the direction of the shop without even batting an eyelid. The next second remaining two men who had come to check on their gang members fell on the ground. Their eyes wide open and a hole in their forehead.
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