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Wei Xin was at her house, her head thrown at the back rest of the couch with her eyes closed. The work load has tired her out. She was trying to take a nap before preparing dinner.

Just as she started feeling a little relaxed, her door bell rang, waking her up. "F*ck the visitor" She cursed in a low voice and went to open the door.

Outside the door stood Fredrick, dressed in a black cashmere coat. Due to slight drizzling rain outside, his disheveled black hair had small crystal-like water droplets set on them, giving his chiseled face a devilishly charming look. For a moment even Wei Xin could not help agreeing that he looked handsome in his messy hairs. She forgot he was standing at her door and kept staring blankly, until he spoke, "Won't let us in?" His lips had a small smirk.

'Us?' Only after he spoke did Wei Xin realise there was a beautiful girl behind him. Wei Xin narrowed her eyes. "Who is she?"

"The girl you have been looking for."

Wei Xin understood what girl he was talking about, so she let them come in. Such matters can't be taken care of at the doorstep after all.

Wei Xin offered Fredrick a seat on the couch, while she ignored the girl. "So what did you find out?"

Fredrick swiped his hand in his hair and combed them back with his fingers, exposing his forehead that was previously covered with his hair, "She is the girl in the video, her name is Shelby. And as for her relationship with Mr. Zhang, it's a lie. That video was a lie to break them apart."

"How are you so sure?" Wei Xin asked arching her eye brow. She wasn't sure if she should trust him.

"The video was from Rocks n Glitz. I went there, retrieved the deleted CCTV footage and found her". He spoke nonchalantly not giving much details.

"How did you get the CCTV footage?"

Fredrick smiled, Wei Xin sure wasn't an easy to be convinced girl. "I hacked it."

"What? You hacked the footage?"

"Yes, it's no big deal for me."

Wei Xin frowned and eyed Shelby, "But why would Mr. Wu allow her to do something so disgusting?"

"His Martini was spiked. The waiter that did it, was nowhere to be found. He probably left the city."

Wei Xin turned to look at Shelby, who was standing quietly. "Why did you do it?"

"I was paid for it. But I don't know who they were." Although she was a chinese girl, she was speaking english and her accent was perfect.

Wei Xin got up from her seat, went to where Shelby was standing and slapped her hard. "I want to hear the truth. Not your bullshit."

Shelby glared at Wei Xin, but then her eyes fell on Fredrick, he didn't speak anything but his eyes signalled her to not react. His eyes had both pain and anger in them but all he could do was sit silently. If someone looked closely, they would notice his eyes were slightly red. Shelby clenched her fists tightly and gnashed her teeth to suppress her anger. But Wei Xin was loosing her patience, she slapped her again. "Are we talking now?"

"I REALLY DON'T KNOW!!.." It was getting difficult for Shelby to endure it. "I was-"

Before she could finish, Wei Xin slapped her for the third time. "Don't you dare shout here. I have given you a chance to talk, utilise it wisely." She was very calm but her voice carried the sense of threat that was usually not present.

This attitude of Wei Xin surprised Fredrick. He knew she was a short-tempered girl, but she could threaten, was not something he was expecting. Had it been a different situation, he would have surely been impressed. But right now he was feeling helpless.

"I really don't know who it was. I was in need of money to clear my debts. I was offered one billion yuan for the task so I accepted it and now I have got nothing to do with those people. So I don't know." Shelby clearly looked upset and the water in her eyes was threatening to fall down.

Wei Xin thought about everything for a minute and then turned to Fredrick, "I want to see the CCTV footage."

"Here." Fredrick tossed a pen drive on the coffee table. Wei Xin connected it to her laptop and saw the entire video. After she was satisfied that the girl in the video was indeed Shelby, she powered off her laptop and went inside to her room. She came back with an envelope and passed it to him. "Here is remaining payment. You can leave." She then glanced at Shelby, "Leave her here."

"Why?" Fredrick asked.

"Is that really your concern? What I do with her has nothing to do with you. Leave."

Fredrick pressed his thin lips in a line. He was not bothered about annoying her today because his concern was something else. He pressed his lips in a thin line and looked at Shelby. Shelby was controlling her tears hard. She slightly nodded at Fredrick and signalled him to go.

After Fredrick left, Wei Xin made a call. Soon after, few men came inside. "Take her away."

What are you doing? I don't want to go." Shelby was screaming as the men grabbed her arm and took her away.

"Leave me." She was shouting and screaming. To prevent her from gaining attention, a dark man, that looked like their leader came ahead and covered her nose with a handkerchief containing chloroform. Soon after Shelby's eyes closed and they took her away.
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