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Wu Zhang had been a little worried and absent-minded since the night that he spent at Wave Manor. That was second thing that he didn't show it in front of Song Jia and behaved absolutely normal. But because Wu Zihao had also shifted to Wu Mansion, in which Wu Zhang lived, he has noticed it very clearly and wanted to know what worried him.

When Wu Zhang went to his study, Wu Zihao followed him inside. And as expected he was presented with Wu Zhang, deep in thought. His laptop was open in front of him and a presentation that Wu Zhang had to give his opinion on was playing, but Wu Zhang was not paying any heed to it.

"Is everything alright brother?" Wu Zihao asked as he pulled out a chair for himself next to Wu Zhang and got seated.

"Why do you ask?" Wu Zhang looked towards his brother after he got out of his daze.

"You look... lost, these days. Everything fine with Jia Jia?" Wu Zihao never stuck to one name and called people whatever he felt like, just like how Xiao Jia became Song Jia.

"Does Song Jia has some male friends I don't know about?" Wu Zhang murmured staring in blank space.

"What do you mean?" Wu Zihao opened the drawer in the study table and pulled out a pack of cigarette, offering one to his brother and then lighting the one that he placed between his lips.

"I stayed at Wave Manor few nights back, and I-"

"What?" Wu Zihao pulled out the cigarette from his mouth and sprang up from his chair looking at Wu Zhang with his eyes wide, startling Wu Zhang. "You did the deed already? Am I going to become an uncle?"

Wu Zhang stared at his brother in disbelief. How did his thinking process worked? Was he mistakenly brought in place of someone else from the hospital? Here he was trying to clear his worries and his brainless brother..!! Would he be worried about Song Jia's friendship with other men if she got pregnant with his child? Not at all, because if it happened, he would have made sure before it that she has fallen head over heels in love with him just like he was with her.

"If you don't want to listen, then get your ass out of this room." Wu Zhang replied coldly, blowing smoke from his mouth which vanished slowly.

"Listening, Listening. I am all ears." He immediately sat back before Wu Zhang threw him out if he annoyed him.

"The room I stayed in had a closet full of Men's clothing in it and it didn't look like her grandfather's." Apart from her grandfather, Wu Zhang could not think of any other man whose cloth shall be kept at Wave Manor. No matter how much he tried to convince himself that could be some other relative, he could not bring his mind to peace. What if those were her ex's clothes? Was she still not over him? He had been getting this thought ever since he saw the clothes, but he didn't say it out loud in front of Wu Zihao and rather used her grandfather's name. His reason of worry came from the fact that Song Jia has not yet confessed her feelings towards him.

Wu Zihao stayed silent to think while he took a long puff from his cigarette before he answered, "They might be her ex's cloth."

Crap! That was the last thing Wu Zhang wanted to hear. He had hoped that he would say something else so that he would bother less, but his brother had to say the exact thing he didn't want to hear.

"You also think so?"

"No but I can't think of anyone else."

Now when Wu Zhang thought about, he felt Wu Zihao was right. Song Jia didn't have any friends to begin with except Wei Xin and she was a female. She had only one ex which was Feng Ying. And the clothes didn't look like of her father or grandfather. Were they really of her ex's?

The mere thought plummeted Wu Zhang's mood to it's bottom. He didn't want to ask Song Jia directly because he didn't want her to think of him as an unreasonable man but at the same time he could not stop himself from feeling jealous.

"But brother, I don't think she will double time. She is not that kind of girl." Wu Zihao spoke from his knowledge of Song Jia. Even though they were not in touch for so long, but he could tell that she was still the same genuine and loyal girl like she was back then in school.

"En." Wu Zhang took another puff.

"Can I ask something now?"


"Am I, by any chance... going to become an uncle?" It took Wu Zihao hundred guts to ask this question, but he was not to be blamed. He was helpless against his gossipmonger nature.

"Do you want to be transferred to S City's branch?"

Hearing S City, Wu Zihao started sweating profusely, it was the branch he never wanted to go to. Reason being that the S City was not a very developed city and also the branch was located at the outskirts of the city because it dealt with harmful chemical plants and the life style of that city was also quite slow, stark contrast to the fast lifestyle Wu Zihao was used to. He shook his head furiously and begged, "No No No brother. I love you a lot. Don't do this to me. I won't bother you."

"Get lost." Wu Zhang said in an irritated tone, and seeing his expression Wu Zihao knew he won't transfer him. So before he could change his mind, he ran outside the study room like a rocket.
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