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"The steak, I cooked it to surprise you. And the dimsum my chef." Wu Zhang enunciated word for word from between his gritted teeth complimented by his ugliest expression. He was so disappointed with himself that he burnt the steak for nth time since noon. While he was sulking, the butler and the maids standing nearby were sweating buckets.

Even Song Jia felt a drop of cold sweat sliding down from her neck to her spine. "Haha" She gave an awkward laugh, while she tried to process what just happened. Wu Zhang cooked for HER? Unbelievable!!

But the burnt steak makes it believable. (-_-)

Song Jia gulped nervously before she opened her mouth to console the sulking man in front of her, "Zhang you know what, I just realised that steak tastes better after being gulped down. The after taste is amazing. Really." And to prove him that she was speaking the truth she immediately picked another piece of the burnt steak and ate it. Wu Zhang stared at her continuously with his lips pressed in a thin line.

"I know it tastes bad, you don't have to eat it and torture yourself." He pulled the plate away from her.

"Zhang, Thank You." Song Jia got serious this time. "I don't mind the taste. What matters is that you took the effort to cook something for me. And it's the best surprise for me." Her smile reached her eyes as she thought about how the scene would have been when Wu Zhang was cooking. The butler and maids standing in the kitchen finally heaved a sigh of relief when Song Jia successfully consoled their master who was sulking right now. They didn't want their master's efforts to go to waste.

"I will learn to cook delicious meals for you." Wu Zhang said cheerfully.

The butler and maids who have just heaved a sigh of relief, "..." Why are you so determined to destroy the kitchen, Master? Please do not torture us like that.

"It's alright. You don't have to. I will do that for you." Song Jia patted the back of his palm and smiled at him.

"Alright, now finish you dinner fast before it gets cold. And no need to eat this burnt steak." He signalled the butler to change her plate and serve her the rest of the food, to which Mingli immediately complied with.

"Hey honey bee." The spoiler alert was here to stick his nose in such a loving moment.

Wu Zhang's eyes darkened seeing his brother and after sensing the cold glare from his brother, Wu Zihao stopped in his tracks. He had forgotten that if Song Jia was here then Wu Zhang would also be.

"Hey Wild Boar, why are you here?" Song Jia asked as she stuffed her mouth with dimsum.

"This is my house, where else should I be?" Wu Zihao asked as he pulled out a chair for himself.

"You moved in here? Don't you live at the old mansion?" Song Jia had completely forgotten about certain someone who looked like the bottom of a burnt pan right now.

"Old Mansion is for old people. This was built for brother and me. So I moved in here. And oh! it's convenient to travel from here."

"Butler Mingli, serve my brother the steak I made, he doesn't need anything else." Wu Zhang stopped Mingli from serving Wu Zihao other dishes that were prepared for dinner.

"Steak? You made?" Wu Zihao felt like his ears were malfunctioning. Ever since they were children, Wu Zhang never liked entering the kitchen and today HE COOKED? Ignoring Song Jia and others who were gesturing him to shut up, Wu Zihao continued, "Brother if it's made by you, I will eat the entire thing myself and I will eat only that." He said wiping his imaginary tears. He was feeling so emotional that his brother cooked.

Song Jia pressed her temples, sighing on this guy's bad luck, while Butler Mingli brought back the steak platter hesitantly from the kitchen.

"Yes, it's all for you and you must finish it all." Wu Zhang said with an expressionless face. You called my girl honey bee and then make her ignore me? This is what you get.

Wu Zihao gave a huge smile, but it soon disappeared after the butler Mingli removed the lid from the platter. "Uncle Mingli, th- this is burnt?"

"Don't let anything go waste. It's not a good thing to waste food. Good night." Before Wu Zihao could have said anything else, Wu Zhang got up from his chair, held Song Jia's hands and went away.

"But, Wu- Wu Zhang..." Before she could finish, she was pulled out of the dinning room.

"Uncle Mingli, is this how one should treat their own brother?" Wu Zihao was on the verge of crying. Earlier he has wiped his imaginary tears, but now he wanted to cry for real.

Butler sympathetically patted Wu Zihao's shoulder and went to stand in a corner like a good butler.
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