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Song Jia was looking around with an excited and cheerful expression on her face, when Wu Zhang received a call. It was a call regarding some documents so he stepped out to go to his study and check on them.

When he came back, he saw Song Jia going towards a pile of paintings that was covered with a white cloth. He frowned when he realised what the paintings were. He clearly remembered asking the butler to move them away.Why were they still here? Song Jia's hand had just clutched the edge of the cloth to pull it when Wu Zhang held her hand. She looked at him questioningly. "What happened?"

"It's late. Ain't you hungry?"

Now that the food was mentioned, she realised she actually was quite hungry. "Yes I am."

"Let's go eat then." Before she could ask him something else, he pulled her out of the room and took her straight to his dinning room.

"What about my surprise?" Song Jia asked with excitement gleaming in her hazel eyes that were open wide right now.

Wu Zhang's lips twitched a little and then he spoke, "You will find out soon. Patience Darling."

As soon as they got seated, the food was served. Song Jia looked at a platter which had small black pieces. Whatever it was, was cut like small loafs of bread . The butler picked the platter and served it's content to Song Jia. He also placed a charred lemon half and rosemary-infused oil. When she looked closely, the seasoning looked like flaky salt. She scratched her head awkwardly because everyone was waiting for her to start, including Wu Zhang.

'What was it?' This was the question running on in Song Jia's head. Maybe it was something new that she might not have eaten. After all the cooks here were all specially trained and were top notch chefs.

Under Wu Zhang's anticipating gaze, she took the first bite of the black thing and her mouth twitched. It was.... burnt?

"How is it?" Wu Zhang asked.

"Burnt.." Before Song Jia could think of a diplomatic answer, her tongue ditched her. As soon as she spoke, she noticed Wu Zhang's expression turning ugly. It actually looked disappointed. What was with this reaction of his?

The maids and the butler standing there all turned their gazes towards their master. They wanted to cry. It is not our fault master okay? You didn't let us touch anything. Of course all they could do was sigh internally because they could not tell Song Jia what happened in real.

When Song Jia had arrived, their master was busy in the kitchen making dinner for Miss Song, or to be precise cooking for the first time ever in his life. He had been preparing for this dinner even before lunch time, not letting anyone do anything and not to forget no one got to have lunch today because their master was busy testing his culinary skills and destroying the kitchen and almost bringing it on fire. And thanks to his 'extraordinary' talent the kitchen looked like an abandoned vegetable market now. The staff was strictly ordered by the butler to not let Song Jia come in the kitchen so the butler had to stop her when she was about to go to the kitchen after hearing Wu Zhang's voice. What Song Jia ate was Seared, slow roasted steak, but what it actually looked like was a piece of coal right now. Wu Zhang had practiced the whole day to roast it to perfection but he failed miserably every time.When the staff thought he finally did it, they heard Song Jia screaming and Wu Zhang ran out immediately, forgetting the steak.

Because maids were ordered to not touch anything unless asked, they didn't dare turn the oven off until Mingli went inside. But the steak was already burnt till then.

Seeing his reaction, Song Jia realised something was off, so she immediately took the dimsum from another platter and stuffed it in her mouth. "Never mind Zhang, this is very delicious. It is alright to make mistake. But this dimsum is amazing." She gave an awkward laugh and ate one more.

But Wu Zhang's expression turned uglier this time. Song Jia was confused. What is wrong with this guy. He gives this weird look when I complaint, weirder when I compliment. What to do?

"What happened?" She asked slowly.

"The steak, I cooked it to surprise you. And the dimsum, my chef." He said with the ugliest expression. Where as the butler and the maids were sweating buckets standing near by.
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