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Song Jia moved her eyes to her legs to see what was near her leg. But to Song Jia's panic her eyes widened next second and she pulled her leg on the couch and gave an ear piercing scream, "AHHHHH." If that wasn't enough she herself stood on the couch and started screaming on top of her lungs.

"AHHHH! Wu Zhang! Save me." And without thinking anything she ran to the arm rest of the couch she was standing on ready to jump and run away. But due to panic, her foot got stuck and she lost her balance. She closed her eyes in fear ready to accept that her head would be broken the following second.


Why am I not feeling any pain?

Was the fall so bad that I died directly, without feeling any pain?

"Jia." She heard a soft voice in her ears, and a frown appeared on her face.

"Jia.." In confusion she opened her left eye and calmed slightly to see Wu Zhang. She was in his arms.

He was looking at her in a confused manner. "What happened? Why were you shouting?"

He put her down and looked at her with concern.

"Bow! "Bow!!

"Aahh!!.. The small barking of the little puppy near her foot scared the life out of her. "Take me away. It will bite me otherwise." Her face was covered with sweat and panic. But it was not just Song Jia, even the little puppy as well got scared with all the commotion and ran away to hide behind the coffee table sneaking glances at the noisy girl.

"Jia, it's a small puppy. It won't do anything." Wu Zhang patted her cheek softly and hugged her to calm her down. But to just make sure she was fine, he ordered a maid to take the puppy to it's mother and pressed down Song Jia's shoulder to sit. Seeing her reaction he knew she had gotten really scared. He could still feel her shoulders trembling lightly. The butler came out with a glass of water and gave it to her.

After she was settled, she noticed it was not just Wu Zhang in the living room, almost the entire staff that worked in Wu Mansion were standing there. Now that she thought about it, she felt really embarrassed.

Giving an awkward laugh she said, "I- I am sorry. I am just a little scared of coming in close contact with animals."

The staff looked at her awkwardly at what she said. If this was little, what did excessive mean? The 'little scared' here was the puppy okay, and for that too, all thanks to her.

"Wu Zhang raised his eyebrow, humour dancing in his eyes, "This. Was. Little?"

Song Jia scratched the back of her neck, "A little more then little.. maybe?"

Wu Zhang chuckled and then hugged her, rubbing her back. "Ain't you a chicken?"

Song Jia hit his chest softly before she retorted, "Huh, what chicken? I can't help if close contact with animals freaks me out."

"I don't remember having an animal with us during bungee jumping." He said pretending to be in deep thought. He found it funny as how she would get scared of such small things. It was completely contradictory to her CEO image. But he still found it adorable and was pleased to see this side of her where he got to protect and console the scared version of her.

Finally after Song Jia got calm, he took her to his studio in the mansion. It was a big and a very spacious room. It had three big floor to ceiling windows and multiple canvases placed her and there. A pile of complete paintings was kept in a corner and some were hung on the walls of the room.

Song Jia went near the closest canvas that was half complete and her eyes filled with appreciation and amusement.

"Is your style cubism?" Although Song Jia was a pathetic painter but she had a lot of knowledge on styles of painting and seeing the incomplete painting in front of her she easily recognised it was cubism.

Wu Zhang shook his head and came closer to her, "No it's impressionism actually. I was just trying my hands on cubism out of curiosity."

All the paintings in the room were more or less, nature inspired. The incomplete painting on the canvas Song Jia was looking at was of his grandmother and an old man beside her. It didn't take her time to guess who would it be. "This is you grandfather?"

"Yes. I always wanted to make this for grandmother." A small smile appeared on his lips as he mentioned his grandfather.

"It's beautiful." Song Jia could not help praising it since it looked really beautiful. The soft colours and the cube effect made it look very pretty and anyone who had seen his grandparents would easily recognise them.
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