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Song Jia was on her way to Wu Zhang's Mansion. She has recently found out from Wu Zihao that he was a phenomenal painter and it had caught her interest. She wanted to see his paintings. It has not been long since they met each other and and were still discovering things about each other which they were loving a lot. Song Jia had always been interested in paintings. When she was a young girl she has even tried her hands at it but... she sucked.

Now that she came to know her boyfriend was a good painter, she wanted to see it herself. Wu Zhang didn't like displaying his paintings so not many people knew about it, not even Fei Yan.

"Why didn't you tell me that you like painting?" Song Jia had asked him on call when she was in office.

He was quiet for a moment and then spoke, "Zihao and his giant mouth." He didn't need anyone to tell him that it was Wu Zihao who told her about it.

"How does it matter who told me? I am angry that you didn't." She pouted.

"What if I invite you tonight to have a look at them, will that make up for it?" Wu Zhang asked adoringly.

"That I would have seen anyway sooner or later. So it doesn't count."

"So how about you come over here first, and I shall prepare a surprise for you? Sounds good?" Wu Zhang was coaxing her like his baby. He wanted to spoil her to no end, be it a small thing like her pouting over not seeing his paintings or something as serious as giving his life for her, he was willing to do everything. Why? Because he was crazily madly and unreasonably in love with her to the point there was no turning back and all he craved for was to make her fall in love with him the same way.

"It sounds perfect." Song Jia was finally happy and after hurriedly finishing her work at office and calling it a day, she left for his mansion.

After driving for more then an hour, she entered through the doors of his majestic mansion. The Butler of the mansion, Mingli was standing near the entrance waiting for her. He opened the door of Song Jia's car as she stepped out and led her in.

"Uncle Mingli, how are you?" They recognised each other because Song Jia has stayed in the mansion previously.

"I am doing well Miss Song. Please come in." The butler was a polite man who focused only on his work. In fact all the maids and servants in the mansion were given strict training before being employed and a part of which was not to talk unnecessarily in front of the guests unless asked.

After getting inside the mansion, Song Jia heard Wu Zhang's voice from the left so she thought to go over to him. However the butler was quick and he stopped her in between, "Miss Song, Young Master is on a call. Please wait here till he comes, and in the meantime I will bring you some tea." He showed her the couch in the living room and turned around. What went unnoticed was the hint of nervousness in the butler's voice and a small action of him wiping the sweat that has appeared on his forehead as sighed in relief.

Song Jia sat down on the couch looking around. When she was here the last time she has not paid much attention to the surrounding but now she could. Every corner of the mansion was decorated with antique and expensive decorations. The Songs were although rich, Song Jia didn't like spending money unnecessarily so her Manor although was decorated nicely it didn't have anything too expensive in particular. She used decorations only enough to give the place a cozy and a home-like environment. The butler soon came out with a cup of Oolong tea and served it to Song Jia. "Miss Song master will come down in just five more minutes. Apologies to make you wait." Come down? But she just heard his voice from the direction the butler came.

"It's alright Uncle Mingli. Don't worry. I will wait." Song Jia smiled politely and didn't ponder over it much and came back to sit on the couch.

To pass time she pulled out her phone and started going through the news headlines. It was nothing major until a few headlines caught her interest.



Song Jia sighed seeing the news. She never understood this concept of drug trafficking to earn money. But because it was nothing of her interest she moved to the next headline. She was still scrolling when she felt something soft tickling near her foot.
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