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Wei Xin kept blabbering and ranting about how worried she was and how she has been trying to contact her, but Song Jia had some thing else going on in her mind. "You said, dad was worried about me, was he really?"

Wei Xin "..."

After Song Jia raised the question, Wei Xin went quiet. She did not know how to respond. She didn't have the heart to speak the truth and hurt her, neither did she want to give her false hopes, by lying to her. After getting no response from Wei Xin, a bitter smile stretched across Song Jia's face, and with a hint of self mockery she added "It's ok. No need to feel so awkward. It was my bad to raise my hopes high." And saying this she put on her sunglasses to prevent the tear welling in her eyes from seeping out. Seeing her so weak, Wei Xin let out a helpless sigh. She knew Song Jia was enduring too much deep down, but she would never express it. Just at the age of twenty four she has suffered a lot, yet she would never let anyone know it.

Meanwhile after Song Jia left Wu mansion, Wu Zhang felt unusually lonely. So he decided to call his friends he always hung out with and headed to 'Rockz n Glitz' to attend an acquaintance's birthday party, which he has initially decided not to go to. It was one of the most expensive clubs in C City and was frequented mainly by socialites and ultra rich people who had a hobby of burning money, and Wu Zhang was one of them. He was not only super rich, but the Wu family also had a lot of connections with underworld. So their was no one in C City that would dare go up against them. Because even if someone did not respect their status and money, the definitely feared their power and connections with underworld. Their had been rumours that people who tried to go against Wu family all ended up either dead or else no one ever heard about them again. Their existence was erased in such a way that one would start doubting if they ever lived or not.

While Wu Zhang was sitting in a private room, he was enjoying his Samuel Adams' Utopias bourbon, while talking about random stuff with his friends. He was unusually jovial and his eyes had a different spark today. Noticing his good mood, one of his friends Tan Yong could not help asking, "You seem to be really happy today. Anything special?"

Wu Zhang responded with an affirmative smile, just as Tan Yong was about to ask further, a tipsy, big bosomed girl in her early 20s approached them. She was wearing a short strapless dress, that barely covered her glutes. She walked towards Wu Zhang and sat next to him, offering him a drink. She intentionally bent forward to show off her cleavage to him, with the hope of seducing him, as she offered him a drink. Wu Zhang who was the infamous playboy, to everyone's surprise did not even took notice of her. This action made the girl slightly embarassed but she was not ready to admit defeat, so she intentionally scouted closer to him and placed a hand on his thigh. Her action enraged Wu Zhang as he ruthlessly grabbed her wrist and flung her hand away. The pressure he used almost made the girl fall. Without even glancing again, Wu Zhang got up from his seat and walked out, leaving everyone dumbstruck behind. Seeing him leaving, Tan Yong immediately got up from his seat and followed after him. As they got into the car, Tan Yong decided to quench his curiosity, "Spit it out. What is it? I have never seen you feel so disgusted over a woman's touch, what happened today?" Instead of answering his question, Wu Zhang just glared him once and then turned his face away, like he heard nothing. Finding his behaviour really strange, Tan Yong asked jokingly "is it because you have got me a Sister-in-law?"

His question spread a silly smile across Wu Zhang's face as he responded with just one word "yes".

His response made Tan Yong stare at him in surprise and only one thought came to his mind 'his friend has drank a little too much tonight'
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