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Song Jia was shocked to hear the voice of a girl, and above all to hear words which were hinting on some intimate activity going on between the people inside.

"Oh I can't stop myself from touching you. Whenever you are around I lose my control" this time it was Fing Yeng.

The coversation startled Song Jia, but she could not believe anything that she has just heard. Because she was still in hallway and it was not very clear so to confirm, she placed everything in her hand on a nearby coffee table and headed to the bedroom, from where the voices were coming. As she was about to reach the door knob, she realised the door was not locked from inside, so she hesitated to enter. And moreover the thought of evesdropping further struck her mind and hence she pulled her hand back. She wanted to know what exactly was going on before she entered so that the shameless person inside could not make any excuse when he would get caught.

"Aaaahh" it was the girl inside moaning. The moans made everything going on inside quite clear. "OK, but tell me one thing. Why do you need an escort like me when you already have a girl who loves you so much. Don't you love her?"

"I don't like stupid girls. She sure loves me, but she is way too stupid. Ready to give up everything for me. I thought she was smart." Stupid? How could loving someone so much as to be ready to give up everything be called stupid. Feng Ying's response made Song Jia cry harder, but she coverd her mouth with her palm as she wanted to know where exactly she stood in this man's life. "I thought I loved her but the way she keeps clinging on to me suffocates me. I just want to get rid of her now." Every word that Feng Ying spoke shredded Song Jia's heart into bits and pieces.

"So what do you plan to do now?" the girl was curious to know what Feng Ying had in mind.

"I havent thought about it yet. She is so rich that she can destroy me in a jiffy. I need to think about it" there was silence in the room before Feng Ying spoke again "First of all i need to mint out enough money from her to settle overseas. Once I am succesful, i will elope."

"What about me then? Will u just forget me?"

"Babe you are just an escort. Dont dream big." the room was again filled with wet sounds of kissing and panting. But Song Jia who was still standing outside, felt her legs trembling after hearing everything. It made her feel like her world has fallen apart. Every moment she has spent with the jerk inside, started playing in her mind. Even after a few minutes when their was no sign of the make out session going inside to come to an end, Song Jia composed herself and then kicked the door open with a loud bang. She has already anticipated what she was going to see inside and so she has prepared herself well in advance. But as for the two people inside, her sudden entry made them jump up in shock. The girl immediately grabbed the duvet that has now crumpled up in a corner of the bed and covered her naked body, while Feng Ying who was still in shock got frozen in his place as if he was electrocuted.

Song Jia glanced at the two people while a sarcastic smile appeared on her face sending chills down Feng Ying's spine " Long time no see my love"
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