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Song Jia was on her way back home after 20 days long business trip to Europe. She was excited to meet her love Feng Ying, whom she has been dating for two years for now. She decided to fly back to C city on the day before his birthday to surprise him. She met him during her college days and fell head over heels in love with him after being his friend for one whole year. Although he belonged to an average family, and was no match to the heiress of Song International Corporations, yet his suave and caring personality was what she fell for. Even though she belonged to Song family, one of the most powerful and rich families of China and was the only heiress of the entire Song empire, she was still an interovert when it came to love, and also because it was the first time a man had made her feel so much in love that she could not gain the courage to confess her feelings to him. But one day to her surprise he proposed her. As soon as the news of them becoming a couple got spread in their campus, it broke hearts of so many other male students who have been trying to court her for so long. While Feng Ying was a handsome man with tall and built body, yet he was no match for Song Jia's beauty and charm. She had a tall frame with perfect curves with waist long soft curled caramel brown hairs, that added to the beauty of her milky white skin. She possesed beautiful hazel green eyes and luscious lips that could make any man drool for her. Although everyone fantasized to make her their woman but what everyone feared the most was her razor sharp tongue and therefore no one dared to express their feelings, as they were not courageous enough to even talk to her.

As soon as the flight landed on C city and Song Jia deboarded, she reached to her car and ordered her driver to go back first to the mansion where as she drove herself to Feng Ying's condo. The condo was situated in one of the most posh localities of C city and was gifted to Feng Ying by Song Jia. She had gifted this condo to him on the day she took over the Song International Corporations as its President.

It took her over an hour to reach his place. She got off the car hurriedly and took out all the gifts she had prepared for him. Each gift was prepared thoughtfully by her considering his choices and preferences. She got into the elevator and headed towards the 16th floor where Feng Ying lived. As she got out she glanced at the watch and realised that she still had 10 minutes before the clock struck 12, so she started imagining what he might be doing and how happy he will be to see her. Imagining his reaction a smile stretched across her face. As she snapped out of her imagination she realised only one minute was left until midnight. She slid her hand inside her jeans pocket and pulled out the spare card key to the house and slowly opened the door to peek inside. After she made sure no one was in the hall way she tiptoed inside and closed the door. As she was about to move towards the bedroom she heard a loud voice of a girl giggling "Stop it Ying. You are making me feel ticklish. Hahaha.. i am so tired already"
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